Tuesday, July 3, 2012


look what i made....
a book about the high park fire.
i take lots of pictures but always end up just keeping them on my computer.
sure several make it to the blog but for every picture on the blog i must have ten that are not seen ever by any one but me.
so i decided to make a book. 
lori times five was my inspiration.
lori is a fantastic knitter and she and her husband are photographers. 
go on over and visit her, you will not be disappointed.

 i have finished knitting a baby sweater for a dear friend.
the knitting went by fast, fast as in less than a week.
now i hope to have it sewn together in less than a week.
doing finishing work is my least favorite part!
i love to do mindless knitting but not finishing work.
wish me luck and pray that all the procrastination spirits leave me alone!

what am i thinking, buying more plants to to throw into the ground.
gulley's is having a great sale and at a dollar a plant ...
well i just couldn't leave without buying a cart load.

 always seems like a good idea when in the store.
now i have to plant them all.
my thinking here is : if i'm going to water i may as well fill the beds full of eatable plants.

so more tomatoes, peppers, herbs,sunflowers and marigolds.
sure hope all this heat goes away by the time i have to be "putting up" all these goods.
gotta go now and get my hands in the dirt.


Bonnie said...

Bare ground....weeds or plants? Good choice.

Kyle said...

You are so busy. I love to make books. It's a lot easier than doing scrapbook pages, although I still have to get some photo albums done.


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