Monday, January 31, 2011


And baby it is cold out there..... 

As I bemoan how cold it is in Colorado I see Chicago's forecast and they are in for an EPIC BLIZZARD . May even out due the one in 1967. Oh how I remember that storm, the city was paralyzed for days, no school. My mother tied us children together and sent us walking to school in the morning hoping the snow would stop. Well it didn't and the nuns tied us back together and sent us home. Our parents must of thought their children very hardy back then because now a days parents would end up in jail for tying a long rope around kids waist and then the kids all together sending them out in a storm never before seen in the city. My mother had allot of faith that we would make it as did most of the parents who sent their children to school that January 25, 1967. We kids thought nothing of it but fun!!

Oh I hope my poor boy who lives in Chicago gets bread and milk before the storm hits. At least I hope he has a long rope.

Here are somethings I had been doing this past weekend and will continue to work on this cold Monday 

white cotton dish cloth
leaf scarf
hooked rug
red work 12 month pattern
Have a warm safe Monday. Keep your eyes on Chicago

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Three hexie flowers done this week. Actually they were done on Monday evening while watching TV. I am not an evening TV watcher but the History station had some interesting shows on.

I also just LOVE, LOVE this series. The English solve murders without allot of muscle, banging people around and general violence as oppose to American crime solvers.  It feels good to solve an English mystery murder, the crime being solved with dignity extended to the victims, criminals and the detectives.
 Foyle's War: Set 1 (4-Disc Series)

I have been taking some Photo lessons online and here a picture for today.

 This cup belonged to Eric's grandmother....Love it!!

And of course, one of my sweet boy. I have no idea where the energized girl is at the moment. Better go find her I am sure she has found some trouble. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I love love love these new cutters!!!! I was told I could find them in a hardware store, in the carpet cutting isle. They only cost 2 - 45mm cutters for  $1.98. AND they cut like a DREAM. Better than any cutter I have bought in a fabric store. SOOOOOOOO quilters, run do not walk and find these wonders in hardware stores.

Now I did not make allot of hexie flowers but I did cut out lots of hexies

Lots more strips for more hexies

making lots of scraps

I am back in the hexie group

Love it

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Where Have I been since Christmas??? Busy, Busy………  I have been working nights at the hospital, something I enjoy doing in the winter months. It is a great way to get away from the politics and get some peace and quite.
I have also finished 2 quilt tops with binding and all, just need those dang labels.

{this quilt I started 12 years ago when my Mom was very sick. Better late then never, I finished it this past week. Hand prints of my children a looong time ago. Love it!!!!!!!!}

{This quilt top was made in the summer, finished machine quilting and binding last week }

Started another punch Santa { getting a jump on next year}.
Found out how to do hem stitching on my machine for crocheting baby burp clothes and blankets.

{Love it }

Made 10 strip blocks for 2 baby quilts {more on this later}
Signed up for a rug hooking class, {class is today}
Cut a bunch of hexies, { will post about this tomorrow}
And of course knitting

Nathan's sweater

Caitlin's sweater

Erin's sweater is here

So,as you can see I have not been sitting around counting the flowers on the wall paper.

Hope all is well with everyone.


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