Sunday, August 31, 2014


the still my heart!
i already miss the open high plains
the slow rolling rivers in yellowstone
small towns that are populated with 500 or less people
sand stone buildings
and old town saloons!
be still my heart!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014


august is almost at her end for  2014 and what a month she has been. the garden is producing ( more on that later),  and time has been spent in Wyoming and Montana. oh my, I think I am a cowgirl at heart and born 100 years too late. how i love the west, the colors, horizons, crossing the continental divide five times in one day, standing on the equator and soaking up the blue sky, pine scented air. be still my heart.
the week was actually very cold, raining and dare i say a hint of snow. for five days we did not see blue skies, but we had movies and fly tying and knitting to be done. i finished 2 pairs of knitted a record for me! also spun and plied 20000 feet of fiber,( doesn’t that sound like an amazing amount of spinning)? though it translates into 550 yards of knitable yarn. yes i remember it is the process i love not just the end product. 
august, oh so much more to do before she bows out to september...

Saturday, August 16, 2014


summer is waning, the time of year where the temperatures are hot during the day and blanket (quilt) need cool at night.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Friday, August 8, 2014


this moment, a Friday picture of the corn.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Last night we had a BBQ for the Birthday Girls.
Since our schedules are so full the dinner had to wait till we could all gather together, no small feat in this house.
This year gift theme is mainly handmade, {be still my heart}
Caitlin in her birthday month { June } received a handmade dress and a gorgeous reproduction quilt she had her eye on since I started , cutting, piecing and quilting it together.
But last night she was showing us the gift she gave to tires. Her dad and I are thrilled with the tires, we had spent several anxious hours worried about her driving around on tires that could hardly be thought as safe. She is pleased with her new tires and the fact she was able to purchase them, taking another giant step into as she says “the adult-grown up world”.  However her facial expression looks confused here reading her warranty papers, oh the joys of being an “adult”.
Erin also received a handmade dress . She was over the moon with the fits like a glove, though had a wee little problem getting into the dress. “Erin the dress unbuttons all down the front”, Erin “oh that works much better Mom”. We were laughing so much, took a few minutes to untangle her from the dress to get it on properly.
Erin requested a quilt too, “ no modern one please mom”. My heart melts when my children want me to make them handcrafted items.
I also finished a sweater for her { no pictures yet }.
Besides the hand crafted items each girl opened their own small shop vac. I am always amazed when the girls squeal with delight when receiving useful, you might need this someday gifts.
The new packages of toothbrushes sent them over the top!
Happy Birthday Girls
Lova Ya.


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