Thursday, August 28, 2014


august is almost at her end for  2014 and what a month she has been. the garden is producing ( more on that later),  and time has been spent in Wyoming and Montana. oh my, I think I am a cowgirl at heart and born 100 years too late. how i love the west, the colors, horizons, crossing the continental divide five times in one day, standing on the equator and soaking up the blue sky, pine scented air. be still my heart.
the week was actually very cold, raining and dare i say a hint of snow. for five days we did not see blue skies, but we had movies and fly tying and knitting to be done. i finished 2 pairs of knitted a record for me! also spun and plied 20000 feet of fiber,( doesn’t that sound like an amazing amount of spinning)? though it translates into 550 yards of knitable yarn. yes i remember it is the process i love not just the end product. 
august, oh so much more to do before she bows out to september...


Kyle said...

Looks like a beautiful place to enjoy your time.

Bonnie said...

You've been busy Eileen. Wow, I feel absolutely lazy. What gorgeous photos. I need to get busy with my knitting but I have a wedding dress ripped apart and waiting to be reassembled into a totally different dress so I guess the knitting will have to wait.

Reinventing Mother said...

We just returned from 4 days there!!!!


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