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YARN ALONG March 2019

Hello! Yes, I will be blogging on my 'other 'blog that has been dormant for years. The reason, too many ugly trolls were on Little House Quilting blog and I was SICK of them. I tried to block them but they always found a way back. The internet is a 'love/hate' thing for me, but I love YARN ALONG!
I have favorite blogs that I check consistently, Small Things for example, and I want to share too. If this fails to work, I am afraid I will be forced to close both my blog sites....sad. I keep in contact with lots of people around the country through blogging, and hope this works. Any suggestions, how to keep trolls and awful people from viewing my blog will be most welcomed.

Now on to YARN ALONG!
I finished Phoebe sweater and I love this knit, as does this sweetie! This was an easy fun, fast knit! Living in Colorado where the temps and weather conditions change on a dime, Phoebe will serve many weather conditions,( but rain and blizzards.) A win, win in this family.

Books that I have read in last month and now reading:
White Rage- Great book, though disturbing! I'm so discouraged with the continual laws that keep discriminating POC in this country. Come on-it's 2019 and we are better than this!

Depth of Winter- I love this series of Sheriff Longmire and have read every one of these books.
My other favorite Mystery writer is C.J.Box and his new book is out!
Wolf Pack
CJ Box and Craig Johnson are two authors that I can read regarding crime, they are not too scary and often times humorous, plus I know the country where these story lines take place.

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