Sunday, May 27, 2018

RAINY DAYS...then the hail came in!

WOW, what a week! Tuesday started off as a beautiful sunny day! Come 6pm the temps. dropped like a rock and the hail came in with lighting, thunder and lots of water. My garden got smashed and I started over on Saturday. On the bright side, I got to go back to the nurseries for more plants.  Sad part, 6 weeks of early spring gardening ----GONE. Funny, only the West side of town close to the foot hills got hail, the East side -rain. Oh the story of a gardener. As my husband says: "this would be something to cry about if we depended on the garden to feed us all winter. Thank goodness for grocery stores!"
The following day, I went out to the second hand stores and had a blast! Lots of clothes for the grand babies with all sorts of great toys. I just love a good hunt and find day. 
I also started making jam, blueberry and strawberry! So yummy!
Ricotta cheese was made and frozen as well. For some reason I seem to have a surplus of milk on a weekly basis. The lasagna this fall and winter will be wonderful with this ricotta, so easy to make. Gonna try making sour cream this week.
The Grand babies are all dressed in hand knits from head to toe (pictures above). My heart swells seeing them in hand knits! I loved knitting garments for my children and it's even grander to knit for my next generation.

Thursday, May 17, 2018


The garden is coming along, most everything is planted but the squash and cukes. The tomatoes have been in 'wall-o-waters' and they are getting huge! First planting of the beans in, the next planting will be the end of next week! Besides the garden growing, the grand babies are getting huge! Gus is sitting up! It's wonderful, he is so less frustrated with this newly acquired skill and everything, I mean everything is going into his mouth. 
Mothers Day was saved by the end of the day. With a very sick SIL, Me Oh My busting at the seams, Caitlin needing to go into work the afternoon just to keep up with all the customers, (pies flying, literally flying off the shelves), that at 5pm, Caitlin and I decided to save Mothers Day we were going out to eat! Eat we did at a great historic bar/restaurant up North of town. It was delicious!!!
Lots of sewing going on, almost done with machine quilting another 2" piece scrap quilt, and lots of pants/shorts being sewn up for the little ones. Baskets to be sewn are on the list as well, Caitlin has requested them in shop as soon as possible.
It's a busy time this Spring of ours, and it's a beautiful Spring. A good mix of sun and rain. Out West we do not complain about rain, hail we will moan and cry about, but not rain! Soon the rains will be sparse and the heat will settle in around us almost suffocating us all. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


I joined the American Sewing Guild last month! My first couture meeting was on embellishments, and piping counts as an embellishment. I made my sweet girl a new summer top with piping! She loved it saying;  'Oh yeah'. I also finished this purple sweater with purple poke a dot buttons-so dang cute!  Not five minutes after taking these pictures my sweet girl had an episode of the worst case of diarrhea! I mean every where and on every article of clothing, including in shoes. Yikes, it was a mess and she was so good and patient while I cleaned her and everything all up. Poor baby!
But, gotta love that face!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


I believe Spring is here, though snow/rain mix is forecasted this week....yikes! All the flowers tell me that no matter snow/rain mix, spring is moving in hard, explosive and fast. Yeah, we love being outside all day long. So much to do---mud cupcakes need to be made, swinging, playing, planting and watering the garden, not to mention walking our babies, animals, watching worms, insects and picking up rocks, ( we have a collection). Oh, and how can I forget, smelling every flower we walk past. It's a lot of work for little people to get everything that needs to be done outside every single day! But oh, all the smells these flowers are putting off, I just sit in the middle of it all and inhale. It will be gone soon, slow down and take it all in.
We celebrated someone's 2 year trip around the sun. She made her own cupcakes for her party, which I think were a hit, at least with the birthday girl. Mom and Dad requested no toys, but plants for Betty to plant in her garden. I'm telling ya'll, this girl has a busy summer ahead of her! Her baby brother (no fuss Gus), is going to watch and smile! 

Wow, do you feel that the months fly by? I sure do! 
Knitting: Finished sweater for Betty- Petite Knits, Anker's Jacket. yarn: Quince & Co. 
I love, love this pattern,  fourth time I have knitted this sweater in a year! 
Reading: Higher Loyalty. Interesting and concerning! 
Spy Mistress, finished and a so, so book. This is a historical fiction and normally I like Jenifer Chiaverini but this was just flat for me.

Needs buttons

Size 000 needles, oh my!

Another sweater that needs to stay near me when reading what a poor state our democracy is in with this administration , knitting is calming!

Go on over to Yarn Along today!


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