Sunday, September 22, 2013


hello sunshine! that glorious sun shined all day yesterday....i dare say it was balmy hanging out under the bright blue sky.
continuing to finish " putting Up " the end of the summer garden.
making yogurt-  it is delish..
spaghetti sauce in the crock. 
i cook everything non-chopped and after 8 hours use a stick blender and it's done,{ i  put no meat in sauce till the day i use the sauce }. 
package sauce in quart bags and pop into freezer.
finishing up knitting projects so i can cast on a dozen more and have several quilts running through my machines.
for some bizarre inverse reason i get more done when i have less time...
one of those crazy universal truths.
off for some chia tea at me oh my pie and a little knitty time with dear friend.
if you have some time this morning come on over and join us
any hand work will get you in,
as well as good conversation.
hope to see you there
happy and a peaceful sunday to you all !

Friday, September 20, 2013


with all the rain here in colorado - on a high plain dessert { mind you }
where the sun has been scarce for days, i can even say for well over a week
nothing one can do outside
so i stayed in and made a baby quilt.
it's a boy
someone who works in mr.p's office
and i am the official baby quilt maker for the judicial branch that mr.p works in.
i think i have made at least 7 quilts for mr.p as his gift at the office baby showers.
i'm not sure if he actually attends the shower or just sends "his" gift into the shower via one of the other women in his office,
i have often thought i would love to be a mouse in the corner at these office affairs.
thus far everyone has seems to enjoyed their baby quilts
so it is worth the effort and time on my side.
and then i can go buy more fabric as my " payment" for making the quilt....heehee!
any excuse to buy more fabric.
it's friday

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


come on what day is it today?
you know.....
it's hump day
i love that commercial with the camel going through the office asking everyone "what day is it today"
on wednesday-makes me laugh every time.
well i casted off my baby kina at knit group tonight.
i'm not sure who will get little kina but she is a fun fast knit and i will be making more .
still reading nella last's war
i find diaries very interesting especially war time diaries.

the rains have finally stopped here on the front range of colorado!
however the flooding has not.
everyday we see more and more destruction
so sad.
remember colorado in your prayers.
linking up with

pictures taken in my sister knits garden

Sunday, September 15, 2013


finally posting pictures of the finished dress i made for caitlin.
it fits her perfectly
and i think she really likes wearing the dress, it twirls!
caitlin for about year when she was pre-school age went through a stage of only wearing dresses that cute!
pattern is colette
and the instructions were well written
i will be making another one for erin, soon very soon.

isn't that little pie cute?
i cut it in half to share with mr.p.
a friend of caitlin's made her that adorable little bear holding a pie. caitlin displays it proudly in front of her shop
me oh my pies
and coffee.

the last picture of the food dish is an example of how we have been eating here at little house.
lots of garden fresh vegies from the backyard with a little protein-yummie!
the garden has been incredible this summer and am already planning the next summer garden.

yup it continues to rain today, all day thus far here in northern colorado.
the national guard is here in town watching all our bridges.
made me turn around because the bridge i wanted to cross was closed.
these guys are serious, they wear guns, big guns.....
but they were very polite and directed me to where i could cross over the river.
thanks colorado guard for helping us during this difficult time.
oh and kansas: you know that water you have been saying we owe you,
get ready here it comes.;)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


wow, it has been awhile since i joined in on a favorite internet activity.
yarn along--
needles have been clicking here at little house
i finish the " lobster" color { not pink } annabel
bought some fabulous red buttons to finish the sweater,
only the blocking is left to be done!
but darn, working monday through friday is really cutting into my time to do some of my favorite things.
i started a kina baby jumper last night while watching 2 programs { one at a time } on the bison in yellowstone. i'm still in yellowstone national park at least in my head ;)
also getting some more spinning done......sllooowwwly.
reading on my new i-pad 
true story about nella and how those who stayed "home" made due and survived wwII in england.
very interesting!
join in the fun
i get some of my best recommendations for books here
and fun to visit old friends and make new.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


i was in yellowstone national park visiting some of my favorite animals for two whole weeks. 
besides making the rounds....old faithful, bambie and old george the bison, i did a lot of nothing but relax. i knitted a sweater and a half, spun about 8 ounces of fiber, crochet a bit and read 4 books while i parked myself in the most comfortable lawn chair.
it was heaven!
we ate like kings the entire time thanks to the back yard garden. we only added meat to all our veggies of corn, onions,beets,tomatoes, beans, zucchini and basil.
yellowstone to me is what disney world is to most americans. 
i feel at home in yellowstone
my breathing and heart rate slow down
my blood pressure is normal
my head is clear 
and my shoulders are down.
it crossed my mind that if i need a new career perhaps i should train to be a ranger.
i so enjoy the ranger talks at 9pm every night-funny yet informative.

once home it was laundry
and more laundry
plus zucchini!
lots of zucchini.
i made zucchini muffin
darn good even if i say so myself!
i also froze zucchini
anyone need any zucchini i will deliver!
tomatoes are wonderful!
eating lots of BLT's...yumm.
and perfect in this horrid heat wave colorado seems to be stuck in....
i mean really 99 degrees in september !

i have also started a baby quilt for a gal in mr.p's office.
she is having a boy and i'm using sweet water fabric-
a very old line!

oh and i'm still working full time- at least through november.

today being a day of rest i spent the afternoon making soap in my kitchen.
holy moley my kitchen has been a blaze of domesticity of late.

what is happening in your life?
hope your week has been peaceful yet productive


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