Monday, May 28, 2012


Vietnam 1970

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012


Happy Friday
i can't express my joy that it is friday!
life seems to be stressful for me lately,
nothing earth shattering, just one of those valleys' being on the planet takes us all
now and then.
i was out on my back porch and noticed this wasp nest on the bum of my little black bear.
i had a good silent laugh thinking well at least my valley is not so deep that i have a wasp nest with an active wasp setting up housekeeping on my bum :-)

sometimes we need to put life in perspective.

ah yes, the wasp nest is no longer irritating this poor piece of garden art.
hope your friday is a WONDERFUL day

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


i have a FINISH----- whawho...

it is 
piper's journey

from: quince
chickadee yarn
saw it first on lori times five
and fell in love.
this is a great knit, easy construction and best of all
am making another using madeline tosh

it is raining today
i love rain!
all my flowers and of course the garden needs rain
life from the sky.

i'm still reading the same books from last week, well now for several weeks.
have been working 4 days a week for the past month and i am bone tired by evening, so little reading is getting done.
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


love love this pattern

reading " american west cooking"

Monday, May 14, 2012


in the garden again!!!!!
and off to work too !

Sunday, May 13, 2012


happy mothers day to all moms. oh, how we have earned this day!
my day today has been a quiet morning---i slept till 11am! 
i however worked 7-3 and then returned to work from 1030pm - 4 am. 
yes, my relief was to be there at 3am but no show-ggrrrrrrr!
so i am tired but my heart is joyful
new hanging plants from my girls
a lovely day to sit on porch and enjoy my flowers 
and knit.
yes this is nirvana for me.
enjoy OUR day MOMS

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


the sun is shining
the plants are growing, that is everything but the beets.
and the porch is inviting me to spend some time out there to knit.

love , love these cotton leaf washcloths.
made with spud and cloe
cotton and wool
bought at my sister knits

have some beautiful orange ones to add to the collection

growing, older
this book is more about gardening than aging.
founding fathers
love this book, it explores the gardens that our nation's founding fathers had and how gardening played into our independence.
written by an english women of all the crazy things.

hooking up with ginny and yarn along

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


out and about around town
it rained yesterday-----glory!
my garden really needed an all day soft rain
and that is what we got here on the front range.
walking this morning the birds were soo happy, i believe they were singing a little louder this morning.
hope to get some sewing done today
too wet to be in the garden,
but i am doing big planter gardening this year too.
oh my house will be neglected till the garden gets puts to bed {hehe}.
need an idea for sewing class this thursday
any ideas?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


wheat grass-cilantros-basil-onion
this growing season i am going to try to grow most of our food needs in our own little yard.
seems that this should be fairly straight forward, but things that look easy are always a challenge to me.
i will be using every inch of good soil i have on the ground as well as pots.

this tomato plant is planted in a hanging pot because tomatoes are vines.
they are not meant to be grown vertically as we americans like to do.
so as george washington and many of our founding fathers did i am experimenting this season.

a wasp catcher that doesn't seam to attract wasp...ggrrr
i have loads of wasps for some reason, soon i will be hunting down their nests.

in the late afternoon i find myself on the back porch knitting my diagonal shawl.
i am using a "to die for" merino wool and silk that can be found at My Sister Knits
the pattern is Bias Before and After Scarf.
very very easy knit.

and i am reading Modern Homesteading.
soon i hope to have a worm farm hee hee.
i know a worm farm? me :o)
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have a wonderful day in
your garden
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