Wednesday, May 2, 2012


wheat grass-cilantros-basil-onion
this growing season i am going to try to grow most of our food needs in our own little yard.
seems that this should be fairly straight forward, but things that look easy are always a challenge to me.
i will be using every inch of good soil i have on the ground as well as pots.

this tomato plant is planted in a hanging pot because tomatoes are vines.
they are not meant to be grown vertically as we americans like to do.
so as george washington and many of our founding fathers did i am experimenting this season.

a wasp catcher that doesn't seam to attract wasp...ggrrr
i have loads of wasps for some reason, soon i will be hunting down their nests.

in the late afternoon i find myself on the back porch knitting my diagonal shawl.
i am using a "to die for" merino wool and silk that can be found at My Sister Knits
the pattern is Bias Before and After Scarf.
very very easy knit.

and i am reading Modern Homesteading.
soon i hope to have a worm farm hee hee.
i know a worm farm? me :o)
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Alica said...

I'm curious to see how your tomato does in the hanging basket...have fun in your garden!

Kyle said...

I'll be keenly watching your modern urban farming. Your shawl is a beautiful color.

Julie said...

I too am anxious to see the progress on the tomatoes. Your yarn is a beautiful color. Love the bunny in the grass shot!
We should go on a picture walk soon!

Kerri said...

Beautiful yarn! I want some...

Audrey said...

Oh, I was at My Sister Knits last week and I got that pattern too - I love that scarf!


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