Monday, April 22, 2013


i joined a KAL with girls in sheep clothing and the knit was jared flood's 
leaves of grass.
i think this has been the biggest knitting project i have ever undertaken !
i love it !
however my choice of yarn will make this knit not a shawl but a wonderful pi  blanket...
and that is fine with me :)
this project has taught me many lesson...
how to read a chart
lace knitting
if one wants to knit a shawl, don't use an arran weight yarn
and above all 
keep on knitting till the project is done.
i am almost there !

Sunday, April 21, 2013


caitlin is the proud owner of 
caitlin has worked in several different coffee shops in northern colorado for the past 10 years 
and she is a natural.
now she has her own coffee shop where she will be serving her special brews
as well as her own homemade pies!
so proud and happy that her dream is a reality.
you go girl!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


 oh have we had snow and more snow and still some more snow.
it has snowed here for 3 days and yes it is april !
remember the saying " april showers bring may flowers" ?
well i think my tulips, daffodils and crocuses will first have to get over the shock
of feeling as if they were caught in an avalanche.
hopefully the buds on the fruit trees survived and i'm hoping for apples in the fall.
but i know my peas, spinach and beets are all smiling :)
the weather women says 50-60's through sunday then......
yup another snow storm may be blowing in.
one can hardly complain since we have been in a drought for 2 years now.
so i say lets enjoy all this whiteness, get those sunglasses on and take a walk in the spring/winter wonderland!!
soon we all will be complaining that it is too HOT.

an early birthday present was found in my mailbox today..
it came yesterday but due to the storm i did not venture down the road to the collect the mail.
two wonderful books and the long coveted 50mm 1.8f lens.
how fun is that?

and yes my dogs are getting a little cabin feverish. 
they so want to be sunning on the porch,
soon very soon
sam and saddie.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


it's yarn along wednesday and i have been spending much of my down time on "leaves of grass " KAL.
oh this knit just keeps on going......
and going but continues to be a joy to knit.
our storm here yesterday was a total bust nothing but a lot of cold and wind, very little snow.
second time in a row that the weather people have gotten it all wrong for us....very disappointing i'd say.
 not much new in the reading department
1000 white women is an interesting read though not a " can't put the book down " read.
americans certainly would not be an example of humans rights by today standards.....
very sad and shameful.

elizabeth Zimmerman is a comfort book to me. i love how her knitting books are about her life as well as how to knit the "old way". 
i have all the dvds from school house press and they are a good way to spend a saturday afternoon.

joining up with 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


these are spring flowers in my garden yesterday.
i love seeing them when i leave the house and on my return home.
i mean really who doesn't love these happy spring colors.
the sign of hope that warm weather is not far behind.
i would prefer for spring to stay a long time even replacing summer.
i think the only part of summer i would miss is the vegetable garden,
tomatoes need heat.
end of today, the yard may very well look like this 
( winter pics )

yes , we are expecting a big snow storm !
maybe as much as a foot of snow.
oh, that is exciting to me.
love a good snow storm and i am not scheduled today at the hospital to boot.
so there will be hot chocolate and knitting
oh and the fire place will be doing it's job.
hope you are enjoying your spring as much as i am mine here in the west.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


a few of the many pics i took in chicago.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


finished up some over due baby gifts for a fellow nurse i work with.
they live out on the eastern plains on some acreage, so thought this
baby farm theme from riley blake would be cute.
and cute it is!
( sorry pics due it little justice )
and what infant doesn't look great in a white jumper !
the buttons are from eric's grandmother's button jar that i inherited years ago,
how i adore that button jar and the buttons are fantastic.
have been trying to finish up some projects before i start a BIG quilt making run.
i'm getting the Mojo!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


it seems weeks since i last was able to post on yarn along !
winter hit me hard this year, stomach flue followed by a 6 week respiratory flu, only to be blessed with the noro virus! it just must of been my year since this was sooo unusual for me and my household.
but i am glad to report we are 100% again
and i feel like having a yarn along day.
the powder blue is another baby sweater, i like having several baby items around for gifts.
my girls shop at my house for their friends' shower gifts.
the green is another pair of vanilla socks and that dark blue is something i picked up in chicago 
totally new to me and i can't stop looking at that yummy color.
am reading one thousand white women 
and it is worth the read.
a little depressing to think women were used for such an experiment.
oh and the quilt in the back ground i finished the machine quilting yesterday.
hope to have the binding on today and gifted by friday.
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