Wednesday, July 31, 2013


monday afternoon this is what the sky looked like to the west.
i love watching big clouds come over the peaks, i always try to find a picture in the clouds. 
not today though i was driving- [ i did pull over to get the pics ] ;)

this morning at sunrise on my way to work, the sky was painted so beautifully i was humbled.
when i see nature like this i am amazed and realize i am a small part in this creation.
their was a man on the sidewalk that just stood still with his head looking up,
we were both in awe of the view and had to stop for a few minutes.

on my needles is "Annabel "
a mindless knit, just what i crave after a day at the hospital.
i am working full time through september now,
so i will need more mindless knits.
tell me you full time workers when do you get laundry done?
i'm thinking of buying new undies for eric and myself every week, just in case we have an "accident"
and find ourselves in the ER.
my mom always said " change your undies everyday in case you find yourself in the ER".
mom was smart and i follow all her wise!
i wasn't too smart in my youth...

Sunday, July 28, 2013


the garden is coming along, have been enjoying lettuce, beets, radishes, and cukes.
the potatoes are not to be this year...darn i was so looking forward to garden spuds :(
otherwise i am very happy with 2013 growing season.

when i need mindless knitting i go to dish clothes.
as you can see my basket is filling up with all different kinds of dish clothes
in a variety of colors , shapes and patterns.
most of the dish clothes will be added to some christmas presents that i send around the country
to relatives.

caitlin trying on her dress that i finished this morning, it fits like a glove .
i am thrilled how it turned out as is caitlin !
buttons are a learning curve for me. I did the buttons on the bodice with my bernina 1020 until it got stuck in reverse...grrr !
the skirt i used my 440Q bernina and i struggled getting it just the way i wanted it. actually i never did, i will be fixing some button holes with some hand stitching.
any advice on how to make perfect button holes would be appreciated.
i need to make another dress for my other girl, erin !

i have been working full time the past several weeks and am unsure how long i will keep this schedule.
i must admit i have enjoyed what i have been doing at the hospital, getting use to our new computer system. 

we have had some hot, hot weather here ! and we have been having some rain too.
today is delightful, raining, low 70's - my kind of weather.
their is a nap on the agenda today for me.....
don't you just love naps on rainy afternoons :)

Monday, July 15, 2013


I have been reading like no other as of late. My husband always has his nose in a book, he likes murder mysteries. I have never been interested in that genre mainly because I internalize what I read and watch... so the rule has always been no crime books.
well I have broken the rule and am hooked on Craig Johnson and C.J. Box books. I have read about 11 books in the last 2 weeks. Anytime I'm not at work or" keeping house", I use that term very loosely, I am reading. I read a lot when I feel stressed and as everyone goes through some stressful times in one's  lives, I am in one of those times. Nothing serious going on just low grade stress....ugg.

Under my " keeping house" I have finished carding the fleece I bought at the Wool Market in May.
Thank you Jill for loaning me your carder and all your help.

Cooking down some bar soap

for homemade laundry detergent.
so easy and works like expensive Tide, but oh so much better for the environment and the pocket book.

two years ago i saw these flowers in Montana and fell head over heels for them.
i can not even remember their name
but aren't they just wonderful !
i planted them 2 years ago and this is the summer they bloomed....oh yea!

so cool

dying all this wonderful fiber will have to wait till august or even september.
if anyone is looking for me i will be working monday thru friday for the next several weeks.
new computer system going on line tomorrow, all the extra work will be worth it though to get rid of  current computer system ;)
hoping everyone is having a delightful summer....
boy it has been hotter than hades here, looking forward to the cooler days of  fall.


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