Monday, January 30, 2012


I can remember the day I was introduced to Laura Ingalls and the Little House series.
I was in third grade at Saint Paul of the Cross.
I became consumed with Laura and her life.
I read and reread the books.
When the show came out I was Over the Moon.

I continued to read everything about Laura Ingalls and still do. 
Every winter I love to relax with a cup of hot chocolate and Farmer Boy.
Reading about how Almonzo's mother cooked--I can almost taste her biscuits, ham and pies.
She weaved all the clothe to make the family clothes and knitted all their jumpers and socks.
Oh a women after my own heart.
The Long Winter, another favorite.

My dear Mother-Law knew how obsessed I was with Laura, though she didn't understand the attraction  she would have a Little House doll under the tree for me every year till I had them all.
I cried every year !
I love, love these dolls.
If you have young children or grandchildren
do not miss the opportunity to share Laura's life  with them.
You will never regret it.
My son watched Little House as child too---everyday till He-Man won out---uuuggg.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This is what I have been "down" to this week.

Sure wish I could show you some fun pictures of what I have thought of being "up to". 
You can see in the picture that I am surrounded by all the pretties I want to be working on.
Not to mention I have not been near my second love --my Bernina in such a long time.
I hope I will not have to read the manual again before I get back to her.

No instead, this is what I get to watch :-)
Makes me giggle that this is back on TV.
And to think Greg believes he is "hot" stuff.
I'm going to go look for Davie now and the Monkeys.
Now that was " hot" when I was young.

All the while wishing I could be working on these.
The colors still bring a smile to my sad face :-)

Friday, January 20, 2012


My Man wears the same "uniform" five days a week.

A white shirt, dark tie, dark pants, dark socks.

and he never leaves the house with out his little note book, one pen and one mechanical pencil,
all placed safely in his shirt pocket.
Oh how this all makes me smile :)

This crazy quilt, I have pulled half the quilting out and re-sandwiched the quilt three times now.
I am unsure why it is being such a pain !
I sure hope I am on the road to completing this belated Christmas gift.
Happy Friday !

Monday, January 16, 2012


 It was one of those days yesterday :(
Some how I was trying to delete files no longer wanted as well as photos
and Lordy I have no idea what I did but it was not good.

From there it went straight down hill
-unable to get scripts filled
- a receptionist telling me I have no scripts to pick up because she refused to accept that I have hyphen name
- trying for the 3rd time to get a quilt "sandwich" so I could get my daughters belated Christmas present quilted.
Oh heck, you did not come to Little House Quilting to hear about my bad day.

So lets start over:
I did some crocheting on my lovely
Vintage Blanket
and the colors made me smile.

I sat down and had a cup of tea to relax
and count the things I need to be grateful about, there are many!
What do you do to get back on track on those BAD days that befall all of us?

Hope you all have a good day!!


I've done it again.
I started another blog

Yesterday, the afternoon sky was eerie-- I'm talking spooky.
Mr.P even commented on the light and all the color in the sky as we were returning from the store.
After barely putting the brakes on I flew out of the car, ran into the house and grabbed my camera.
I ended up with loads of pictures--- I will be posting all over at 
I'm just Falling in Love with my camera and Photos
so I decided instead of flooding Little House Quilting with photos
I would just give this art an out let of it's own.
Come join me!
I post  for comments too!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


 Yup Mr.P and I went to Denver and took in the Stock Show.

This guy was huge !

And she was a winner.
Of what I am not sure,
but she did get a ribbon :)

Basically the show besides looking at all the live stock is a HUGE infomercial.
Yes we did buy a few gifts for friends and fam..

Friday, January 13, 2012


      Finish up Friday week 10 from the
and I do have something to show for it.
I started this knitted blanket in the summer [ I think ].

And finished it up about 2 weeks ago.
Very soft, love the pattern and easy.

Just the way I like things---Easy.

Finished my first toe up sock on Monday.
I know, I have two feet.
Casted on the second sock this morning
I like this toe up knitting, the beginning is a little futzy to me, but then it really becomes easy and enjoyable knitting.

Happy Friday from Sam and Sadie.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I often look at pictures and think "how could I express this in a quilt"?
I see a 19 inch grandmother's fan ruler useful here.

The top of this building---what a fantastic border !

Love simple quilts with just the plainest of a few star blocks.

Oh, my head becomes a tangled mess of ideas when I have quilts on my mind.
How does one decide which idea will work,?
which idea to do first,?
which idea do I have fabric at home to use?
{ which idea will I remember till tomorrow}?
I think today I am going to do what 
my "steady eddie" does,
I am going to invest in a small note book so I can get all these ideas out of my head and onto paper.
Hopefully then I will be able to prioritize what I can honestly accomplish without becoming a slave to my second love , my BERNINA.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


 I need to take more, lots more pictures.
One of my goals [resolutions] this year is to learn more about my camera
and take lots of pictures.
{I will also need to learn more about my computer and how to store pictures so has not to dog my hard drive}
So yesterday I met up with a friend { Julie, who takes wonderful pictures}
and we walked through Old Town.

This is the way to learn how to use a camera.
Go with someone who knows a lot more than yourself.

OK so I need more practice with post photo finishing,
though I kinda like it-----looks eery to me.

I have loads more to post from our little walk.
You will be seeing them sprinkled about on
Little House Quilting

Monday, January 9, 2012


I have been awarded the Liebster Blog Award

This award is given to bloggers with 200 or less followers
We may be smaller blogs but I have found us to be wonderful bloggers with the style of blogging I love.
We seem to be more friends and several of these ladies I have started to correspond with outside of just commenting on their blog.........Love that!!
Here are the rules:
1- Choose FIVE up and coming blogs to award the Liebster to. Blogs must have less than 200 followers.

2- Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.

3- Post the award on your blog. List the bloggers you gave the award to with links to their sites.

I must now send this award on to five more bloggers:

Cynthia at Cottage 1945

These blogs are all so different, 
they fill my day with anticipation to see what is going on in their life
and joy in knowing all is well in their world.

As with all bloggers I visit several blogs daily so choosing only five is a difficult task !

Friday, January 6, 2012


I'm not even sure how long ago I started this Red and Green quilt. 
I love it, but I am sssslllloooowww
when doing an applique quilt.

{ something old }
I know it had to be more than 10 years ago that my quilt group
decided to do a Red and Green  applique quilt.

This group went by the name Kindred Spirits.
We were a group of women who had a heart for reproduction fabrics and quilts.
We liked all things "old".

This quilt is on my "to do" list. 
I have no dreams of completing a queen size quilt
but thought if I just complete nine blocks,
I could set them on point and have a nice size Red and Green quilt.

Now if I could only recall where I put [ in a safe place of course ]
the five finished blocks.
I sure would do a " Happy Dance" finding the five completed blocks.

{ something new }
In the evening I am adding at least one if not two rows on my vintage Granny Square

I am really enjoying crocheting this lovely.
The colors continue to make my heart SING.

These two enjoy the Granny Square blanket I made them.
I'm enjoying it too, I get a break from their mischief.

Monday, January 2, 2012


One of my favorite
bloggers cast on a new pair of socks yesterday

So I decided to mix up my yarn love and pull out the "toe up" sock Bonnie inspired me to try.
 I must confess that knitting a toe up sock is like walking into Alice and Wonderland.
In my mind what shouldn't work;works.

I have been knitting socks for decades, and always cuff down.
But this toe up sock is like magic to me.
As I am turning the heel I am thinking to myself "this is never going to work, but keep knitting"
It is like leprechauns are in my knitting needles.
The heel turned!!!
A little magic today!
What magic is happening in your life?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

HELLO 2012

I am very smitten with my new project !
I'd say almost in LOVE.

In love with the colors!
The Encore yarn is from 

Each row brings swelling in my heart and smiles on my face.
The idea from

Oh how I am enjoying crocheting this blanket.
Soft and warm
Bright and cheerful.
Who would ever have thought I would be loving these colors 
and crochet?
Not me
but it is a WOMEN"S prerogative to change her mind !


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