Monday, January 30, 2012


I can remember the day I was introduced to Laura Ingalls and the Little House series.
I was in third grade at Saint Paul of the Cross.
I became consumed with Laura and her life.
I read and reread the books.
When the show came out I was Over the Moon.

I continued to read everything about Laura Ingalls and still do. 
Every winter I love to relax with a cup of hot chocolate and Farmer Boy.
Reading about how Almonzo's mother cooked--I can almost taste her biscuits, ham and pies.
She weaved all the clothe to make the family clothes and knitted all their jumpers and socks.
Oh a women after my own heart.
The Long Winter, another favorite.

My dear Mother-Law knew how obsessed I was with Laura, though she didn't understand the attraction  she would have a Little House doll under the tree for me every year till I had them all.
I cried every year !
I love, love these dolls.
If you have young children or grandchildren
do not miss the opportunity to share Laura's life  with them.
You will never regret it.
My son watched Little House as child too---everyday till He-Man won out---uuuggg.


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Ditto on what you too!

I still watch the re-runs of Little House!

:) Carolyn

Bonnie said...

I too loved Little House on the Prairie. I have a 20-year old who dvrs the series, every episode ever made. Some things just never get old. Love your dolls. What a treasure of a collection! (PS... We should never be "too old" to play with dolls)

Lorri said...

I love Little House and have spent many hours watching reading and dreaming about Laura's adventures. Last year I made the trip to visit her musuem and home in Missouri. I could have spent the entire day! Unfortunatly I was with another person who was not quite the fan. I was at the half price bookstore today looking for hardcover editions! Love the dolls.

Alica said...

I loved those books! My Jenna got two of the series on DVD for Christmas, and it's fun to watch them...much more wholesome than most of what's out there today, that's for sure!!

Julie said...

I still watch the re-runs, too!

sunny said...

Another Little House fan here, too! I think I should have lived back then.


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