Sunday, December 8, 2013


this past week has been beyond cold! we have seen temps with that minus sign in front of double digits. we have been colder than chicago!
now i love it! it's the weather that knitters dream layer all that wonderful, lovingly knitted wear on layer by layer.
sorry kids that i didn't finish your sweaters yet but know i have been thinking about those sweaters and you...hehe.
i finished gramps and this adorable quilt for a "grand-nephew" by the name of jack.
the quilt pattern is something i made up as i sewed along and am very happy with the end results.
love my juki...this baby quilted up in a snap!
the sweater looks like a gramps sweater and i think that new borns, though beautiful, kinda look like old men in that infant stage. i need to put on the leather buttons then both items are off to chicago where it is cold but not as frigid as the rockies are right this minute.;0

Friday, December 6, 2013


I was one of the blogs chosen for Week End Reading by 
This is one of my top 3 favorite blogs.
Rhonda's writing is a grounding factor in my life.
My daughter was featured on this blog's series
The Kitchen Sink
when she was living in China.
Thanks Rhonda!

Sunday, December 1, 2013


as i have written before, i have been working full time since past july. one can imagine the crimp this has on finishing projects! my quilting had been laid aside for projects { knitting} that i could carry with me and work a row or two while on my lunch break. 
then my sweet friend julie loaned me her machine , a fantastic quilting machine and i have been completely smitten with this machine. 
i can't stop finishing quilts.
this morning i finished piecing this adorable baby boy quilt { triangles} and hope to have it on the machine this afternoon.
the low volume quilt is done and ready to ship to new york.

sunday's are such a wonderful day for me. 
a day to reflect
a day to get ready for the new week
a day to read
a day to knit
a day to sew
a day to watch a great movie
a day to cook a great sunday dinner
a day that i knit and spend time with a friend
while having coffee and burritos
yes, sunday is the best day of the week!


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