Saturday, May 31, 2014


i have come to realize i have a working home! and i am thrilled that i have a name for it.
we have all heard of a “working farm”, “working homestead” but a “working home”?
what is a working home? i can tell you it is not a home that will ever make house beautiful or country living, but  a home that is lived in! a home that i and a friend encourage my daughters, her friends and  the next generation the art of  sewing, a home that i produce many of our daily needs like soap, laundry detergent and food, lots of food.

my home if you were to visit is one that i would say “ just throw your jacket on the chair, and even sometimes on the floor for there is where the only cleared spot can be found on a particular day.

my living and dining room for the past 3 months has been devoured with sewing machines, irons, ironing board and an extra cutting table. not a home most people would find “ put together” but a home where if truth be told one would have to acknowledge is really lived in. where several generations can come together for a common goal of learning and friendship.

and sewn we have done here! first a “come together” bag, then cute summer tank tops!

baby quilts have been pieced and quilted for friends expecting wee ones.
as has large reproduction quilts for family members.
pillow cases , dresses and work shirts and been loving sewn for special people
and one knitting bag that i am still swooning over!

but sewing nights are being put on the back burner till fall now.
for the my little homestead has a garden to nurtured and a back porch to day dream on while knitting and hand piecing.

so the sewing club “things” will be stored back in the sewing room till club resumes in cooler weather.
and the pulse of my home will move outdoors where i will share how my home continues to be a "working home”.

Monday, May 12, 2014


liberty of london summer shirt for caitlin

tulips for me

box of cotton yarn “dishies". have been making dish clothes like no tomorrow

baby boy quilt for co-worker of eric’s

and mother’s day weather, special for us mom’s.
what a great day to help my daughter thin out her belonging’s then knit, knit and more knitting in the afternoon. eric is cooking for me all day ;)

happy mother’s day to all moms
past, present and future!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

MAY...MAY SPRING BE HERE TO STAY....SHE WAS KIDDING { to be revealed in next post}

loading up old bushes

digging out cement

cemented posts gone

new fencing up
“good fences make good neighbors”

isn’t this tree BEAUTIFUL

Spring is such a fussy time of year, one day beautiful warm weather with trees that stop me in my steps to gaze and smell. the next day.....storms, with LOTS of hail and snow yet to come over the weekend. Never put away those sweaters in Colorado!
The winds last week took out 36 feet of our fence, so the pie lady girl came over and helped her Dad pull the old posts out. But that man of mine put those posts in with cement!!! uggg. Pie girl had too get us more help, and help she found. In 2 days we had cemented posts out and new fencing up. My man and I realized this past weekend that we are getting old and just can’t do some things we could in our younger years.....damn!


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