Saturday, February 22, 2014


the snow pictures above are the past and have been replaced by wind. wind that blows steadily and consant. the kind of wind that shakes the house, rearranging all the outside furniture and causes headaches and irritable personalities ;(  yes, i am sorry to report that all i encounter and ask to their wellbeing the reply is; “i’m good but this wind is grating on my nerves and giving me a headache, when will it let up’}? even as far as chicago the reports are the same from family members, “this wind...”!
the only consolation to the wind is that it is blowing winter out and pulling spring in behind her.
i know this because my spring seeds have arrived via the mailman. yes my package blew in with the wind. the excitement had me forgetting the blustery day and dreaming of kale, beets and chard.
soon very soon my garden will be blooming all shade of green bearing wonderful food.

the sewing club has again commenced with a very exciting project....THE SEW TOGETHER BAG.
not only is this an exciting bag with new and old skills to practice but it is like a puzzle to be put together using fabric and zippers.
the sewing club is not a group that competes to “ finish” a project, but rather a group that slowly moves through all the steps one at a time. no feelings of  competitiveness, or even wanting to be the first done. we move slowly- mindful of each step and being acutely aware of what we forgot to bring to club.
i forgot to pick up more interfacing, oh well we have chai to drink and conversation to take part of. one member went on a “first date” with a new man, so we had that to discuss. even though it was their first meet-up she left promptly to be at sewing club. this girl has her priorities in line! men come and go-some stay a life time, but sewing, sewing is in our soul, a life time of personal expression.

the red bags were made by me-“mom” for my girls. a fun quick sew up filled with girl scout cookies.
a small gesture to remind my girls they are always in my thoughts, deeds and heart. the men near to me were also given gifts..a hand made shirt and much desired fly fishing trinket.

chin up-the wind will lay down soon...........

Sunday, February 9, 2014


{ bad back...raise the table up}

Yesterday I pinned this quilt and set up the JUKI!
I so enjoy sewing on this machine, BIG quilts fit through it like butter and the stitch so straight and true.
My machine had a squeak though that was driving me NUTS. I looked everywhere on that machine to find that noise. Sounded like a mouse on a wheel....a noise that makes a person go crazy.
I looked and looked and ponder some more till BINGO
it was the walking foot.
I cleaned it, oiled it and oiled it some more!
Now my JUKI hums, just that beautiful sewing machine hum ;-0)

I woke up this morning and peaked out the window to more fresh fallen white stuff.
My first thought was “again” but then quickly corrected my thinking to say out loud
“oh my more beautiful fresh white stuff”. 
Yes this has been a winter of snow and cold, though instead of thinking in those terms I prefer to appreciate what a winter such as this means to me:
quality time with mr.p watching football,movies, and now the Olympics.
lots and lots of knitting
great sunday meals cooked straight from my kitchen
crawling under homemade quilts
and afghans
warm sweaters.....
oh and the list can go on and on!
Instead of that Cabin Fever thinking I choose to think of all the things I love about winter..
Now lets warm a cup of Chai....not to sweet or you will miss the yummy ginger warmth.
I’m thinking of starting this...
so different for me.
What are your thoughts.

I just down loaded this book
I have been waiting for over a year to get this book. I would prefer it in hard back and plan on purchasing a hard back copy as soon as it is available in the US.
Rhonda is my mentor
a daily read for me!
check it out.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


As with three quarters of the country, I am in snow, lots of snow and cold, very cold. I love it! Yesterday I sat and watched The World at War , crocheted, drank coffee and had snow falling all day behind me in the grand window. It felt like a story book day, I didn’t even get out of my night clothes !
Oh how I cherish such a day!
I did make stew for dinner, seemed the perfect dish for a cold February first day. To bed late {for us}
snuggling down under all the quilts and woolen afghans made over the years.....oh I relished and was mindful of all this incredible coziness.
Today is a different story for me. The Broncos play this afternoon, { so glad the game is today! I’m tired of all the Superbowl build up, it’s only a game!}...anyways, we are having a wonderful dinner here with my youngest. So I have to get to the store for a few items.
Yes, we will make this afternoon another cozy time as we eat great food, great company as we tuck in for the game of the year!

The dress shirt I made for my son in Chicago. Took a sew along class at Mama Said Sew and loved it. I learned a lot and have started my second shirt. The other shirt is for my Pie Lady and is made from British fabric. Not feeling over the moon about the pattern, I took off the ruffles at the shoulders and am making a pocket for the front, a request from caitlin.
Sewing garments I was told last week is nothing but a puzzle using fabric! Do not look at the entire garment but only at each section. When done with one section move to the next. What a wonderful way for me to think since my time is limited and I spent an entire day in a chair yesterday.
 Hoping all a wonderful week-end and stay safe and warm.
Enjoy the snow!


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