Thursday, May 16, 2019

Wednesday, May 1, 2019


Playing around with dyes and cotton gauze.

down---to--- earth, apron sew along!

Love color eggs, straight from the chicken.

LARGE quilt that I spent most of Monday machine quilting. Half way done!!!

Love, dimple little hands!

An example of a man who bought a trailer to big to be stored at home, makes me laugh! (And, no, this is not my home or our trailer!)

Spring Snow in the Rockies! This is to last through Wednesday with snow, then rain, poor man's fertilizer, (it is not unusual
for us to get snow through first half of May).  

 I have been knitting like a mad women, much that has no photos yet, sorry. The one photo that I did take is an Irish Aran sweater for my 'little man', I best hurry and get it done, he is growing so fast.

Over the weekend I hope to get out in the garden and start the season! Will be planting the usual, all good things that we eat all year long. Also have 100 summer bulbs coming! 
So good to have things that keep me busy and moving!

Please join me for YARN ALONG

(my computer is in the shop and posting this from "another" device)


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