Saturday, October 12, 2019


my oldest son and his beautiful wife! aren't they amazing!

First Snow is always magical for me! Getting the outside tucked in for winter, cooking in the kitchen a great cold weather meal, and most of all, no anxiety about driving on ice roads, ( I get to stay home all day and everyday now.) Mercy though it was COLD and WINDY along with snow. The Front Range had the biggest temperature change in years, 50 degree swing! One afternoon it's 80 degrees and the next morning it's less than 30 degrees. One notices that shift and runs for the sweaters, wool socks and slippers. 

The day before I pulled more veggies from the garden and apples from the tree. Oh my, those carrots are unbelievably sweet and we ate several in a chicken soup-stew dinner. 
The bread is a recipe from the New York Times-no knead bread. I believe it's a Mark Bittman recipe. I let it rise for about 18 hours, the rich flavor is over the moon.

I have a new project this month, cutting my food bill by about 800 dollars a month. This includes  no, to very little eating out  and using up left overs. We get lazy around here about 4pm daily and often that laziness leads to restaurant meals. I may not meet my goal but sure will decrease the food bill this month. So far:  Week 1 - Cosco=243.00, (grr), but it will be our only Cosco visit this month.

I have been staying up later, a deliberate act, watching movies.
Mary Queen of Scots (2018)- excellent
Midway- always good
Operation Finale-excellent

Plans for my weekend? Not sure, but  I am sure it will include knitting, reading and a movie, (oh, and cooking dinner!")

Monday, October 7, 2019


Not the best picture, but it's time for fall food again.

The above pictures are from a walk I took in our new neighborhood. 
Yes, we have a lot of open space around this newer subdivision and I plan on waking through it often. I know within ten-fifteen years it may well be gone to more building, I'm going immerse myself in this open space now while it last.
We are getting more settled in our new home, everything is unpacked, though we cannot find a thing!
Everyday it's: "do you know where such and such was put?" "Nope, look here and here, if that doesn't work, try here,"  or," I may have gotten rid of that."
Our old house has been on the market for a week and half now, lots of lookers but no offers as of yet. Patience is not one of my strong points, keeping our fingers crossed, real estate sales have slowed down a bit here in NoCo. 
Besides organizing and getting settled in the new house, I have been knitting and rug hooking. I try to get some crafting in everyday, looking through UFO's and making a list to finish projects during the winter. It is finally getting fallish and cooler weather! We may even get measurable snow this week. That first snow is always so magical for me! it's tucking in season!
How do you 'tuck' in for winter?

Thursday, September 19, 2019

MIND DUMP (part 1)

As previous post stated, 'we moved', and moving after 30 years has brought on so many emotions from wanting to stop the entire process to screaming 'I am soo done with this house!"
I don't like BIG change, I married a steady Eddie for a reason-I had a 95% idea of what the day would bring because Eric and I had a plan for our life, and follow it we did!
Most of our life was spent in this house, raising 3 kids that were the best part of our 'plan'. 
I'm not a fan of drama, confusion and general craziness! My home was always, (well, mostly always), a place of calmness, consistency and very little, if any drama. A place of safety, to refill self to go out in the world and do it again. We loved watching calming shows, The Walton's, Little House on the Prairie, and Dr.Quinn. If a little excitement was needed we would binge on North and South,  Lonesome Dove! We played a lot outside, bikes, walks, skiing, gardening etc. 
I loved our life and my house was a BIG part of the LIFE all 5 of us created in our house!
But, onward and forward....part of growing and a big part of growing is learning to 'let go'.
Memories will always be mine of my life and family in that old house, but it is time to settle in with Eric in our new home! Two of the three kids have seen the new house and love it...that really helps.
One part of packing and moving that grabbed my attention, was all the fabric and yarn i managed to acquire in 30 years. Holy Moly!, what was I thinking and how did I fit this all in my house. 
Thank goodness Caitlin was willing to unpack, organized and put all away for me! I now have a actual 'sewing room' and a STORE! Not bad, aye?
Gardening is really over for me this season. No canning, no dehydrating or freezing! My garden next year will be scaled way back and I mean tiny! Another 'letting go' but also a few new beginnings.

Thursday, September 12, 2019


 We moved after 30 years in our home. This was big, really big for us! Sorting through 30 years of collections and stuff was exhausting emotionally and physically. I have lost over 10 lbs and several inches (which is a good thing), built up muscles I haven't seen since my 30's and bone tired by 7pm.
 Eric and I fixed up the old house, doing all the work ourselves with the exception of laying the new carpet. Spending 10-14 hours a day there, painting, refinishing wood, scrubbing, gardening,  etc,etc... The house is ready, as are Eric and I to sell this beautiful home! 

Our new home is in chaos, with boxes all over the place, garage full, we have had no time to unpack or organize the new place(but my craft area and because I didn't do it myself). Soon very soon we will start to unpack! The littles love the new park! 

I started a scrap cowl, really to use up left over sock yarn. I think I could make 10+ of these with all the scrap yarn I have. Packing up the fabric, yarn and fibers, I realized I never need to buy anymore yarn and/or fabric! My daughter unpacked all my fabric, yarn,wool, fibers and turn what was going to be my sewing room into the "Store". I would never have fitted all the stuff in that room and be able to sew in this room, so now I have a store and my machines are in the back of our HUGE family in the basement. I think I'm going to really enjoy this set-up.

Monday, July 1, 2019


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