Monday, February 20, 2017


 We have been walking around here, so much so, that I had to buy a new pair of shoes just for walking! Last week, we walked 18+ miles in 4 days! Where did we walk? Baby B and I walked-well all over, to Julie's [ MSK], Whole Foods for lunch and DQ for dessert, back to  Julie's and then just 'around' the hood. Mr. P joined us on the WF/DQ day, he loves DQ blizzards.
I have been knitting, everyday, and hours a day. Finished a pair of socks for my youngest, knitted an infant sweater and one of the socks for a special baby due in April, and picked up Eric's sock that I started months ago. Baby B also likes to help me with the piecing of a quilt I have slowly been putting together. This quilt though needs to be completed by the 20th of March, it has a date with a beautiful couple in Chicago.
The weather here on the Front Range continues to be unseasonably warm for February . I read  the 10 day weather report that maybe, just maybe, we will get some snow at the end of this week and beginning of next. Darn, I wish I could find my Farmers Almanac. I usually rely on this, it has rarely been wrong and if so not by much.
Happy Monday
It's been a cleaning house, grocery kind of day. 
Now though, it sewing time!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


KNITTING: I am almost done with the second stripy sock for my Minnesota girl. Living up North, hand knit wool socks are essential for keeping those toes warm, both inside and outside! 
[sock pattern is just a vanilla sock, yarn was bought at the Yarnery in Minneapolis.]
WALKING:The Front Range in Colorado has been experiencing rather warm Temps. of late! Baby B and I are out walking as often as we can. I pack our stroller with treats, fluids, diapers and quilts{ for the wind that has been blowing none stop out of the North}. Yesterday we walked a total of 6 miles!! That is a new record for us. B will usually nap for about 30-45 minutes during our walk but then is up pointing at everything and talking non-stop. She is an amazing traveler and loves to be outside in the fresh air, getting her vitamin A and D. Today, we will be walking down to Whole Foods with Grandpa for lunch. Whole Foods, round trip will only be about 4.5-5 miles, though hopefully less wind.
I have never understood the need to pay a gym membership for exercise, all one needs to do is leave the car at home at walk. We walk a lot now, doing simple errands that are within 4 miles round trip. If Eric and I go together we can actually carry home, with ease, a weeks worth of grocery needs.  
And as you can see, I have packing the stroller down to a science.
Please join me for

Monday, February 13, 2017


Finished the front and the back of my Wolf River sweater on Saturday! The instructions say to block these pieces before sewing together, then add the sleeves. Easy enough, so far I like the sweater, though it looks a little big for my youngest daughter-wait and see.
Saturday afternoon I walked downtown to stand with Planned Parenthood. Over 1000 people showed up for the PP rally....yeah! I love how PP's goal is to see abortions reach ZERO procedures done here in the US. Yes, but in order for that to become a reality they cannot be defunded! All the work they do with Women's Health, GYN checks, Birth Control, cancer screens, STD, etc. and they treat men for all the above,{ except of course GYN checks.}..hehe.  It was wonderful and felt so good to stand with such an AMAZING organization.
I must admit though, I wonder why I have to do this again at my age. When are people going to accept women as an equal and entitled to Women Rights?

Monday, February 6, 2017


Another super bowel survivor, i am sorry that the patriots won and the only good thing about all the politics last week is that i did not have to listen to the super bowel frenzy hype for a week...haha!
the weekend here, weather wise was extremely warm, like not normal warm! but, since i can't do anything about the weather, i decided to enjoy it by spending an entire afternoon on the porch in the sun --- knitting,  and it was grand! never underestimate our need to shut down the computer/tv and get outside. vit.a and vit.b can change my whole out look on the day and even life itself.
i made great progress on my wolf river sweater, enjoyed listening/watching  birds and looking off to the foothills in the distance. today, is another warm one here on the front range and guess where i will be this afternoon! got it.
baby b getting her  first look at a cow needing milking, she is so dressed for this chore;-}
pot roast sandwiches for supper while watching the game;-/
dinner was great;-}
game ;-[
happy monday

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


These days I am trying to focus on things that bring me comfort-knitting, quilting and family.
The back is completed on the Wolf River sweater. I love the sweater pattern, but the shaping and particularly the short rows are odd, wait and see when I join the front and back.
Still reading In Winter Kitchen. It's not a book I can't put down, but a very interesting read.

My baby girl all decked out in grandma's knits. She wears them well this baby girl-apprentice women!

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Saturday, 3 generations of women in my family traveled to Cheyenne Wyoming, the state that gave women the VOTE first-----to march. Our group in Cheyenne was several hundred strong and so encouraging.  Women marched, without any ugliness happening( as was true all over the country), we shared encouraging words, laughed, but most of all we listen and were heard all around the world! While I was in Cheyenne, other family members were in Chicago, Madison and Washington DC. 
I was so proud to attend this march with my daughter, granddaughter and sister! Overwhelmed, to take part with women all over the world -voicing their concerns with this administration in Washington DC. 

Saturday was only Day 1........

Friday, January 20, 2017


While  in Minneapolis my daughter, sister and I went to tour the Basilica of Saint Mary. Not even understanding what a Basilica was we had some research to do.

[the term came to refer specifically to a large and important Roman Catholic church that has been given special ceremonial rights by the Pope.] (catholic encyclopedia)

So, a Basilica is larger and grander than a cathedral and a cathedral
is larger and grander than a catholic church. The basilica having more ceremonial rights too.

{The first church in the United States to be designated a basilica was the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis (February 1, 1926).}

Mary, Erin and I were in the very first Basilica built in United States and it was amazing. The organist was playing as  we walked through the Basilica and when we walked by the pipes....Oh my! This tour was absolutely breath taking and a sense of calmness was felt inside here.
We lit candles and looked at all the pictures, statues and windows, (hard to photo the windows with the sun shining through the stained glass). My daughter asked where the pictures of the nuns were? They sure did have a lot of pictures of the priests that served here at St.Mary's. My sister and I looked at Erin and said: 'well honey, this is one of the sad things regarding the Catholic church, they are not big on women, they have to be content being "brides of Christ"'  
Erin: 'oh, no different than any other Christian church then.'
Us: 'Yup-Tradition'

Touring the Basilica was a high light of being in Minneapolis. 
Oh, Minneapolis you do not disappoint!


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