Wednesday, April 18, 2018


I just know Spring is here, seems to be backing into the county though. And the wind, Lordy have mercy! We watched a huge crane and  tree cutters take down a ginormous cotton wood that split and fell on the roof of some condos. It was thrilling for Betty to watch the big trucks work and how they pulled and cut that tree off the roof. I'm afraid the roof was rather damaged! And all due to the high winds,  >60 mph around here, after several days of high winds,  I get headaches and cranky! Growing up in the "windy city," (Chicago), thought I knew wind, yes, it gets windy in Chicago even though the name"Windy City" was given to Chicago for a different reason. Moving to the Front Range, I was introduced REAL wind. More wind in the forecast, put on those ankle weights.....

Lots of the bulbs are blooming that Betty and I planted last FALL! Betty walks around the flower beds smelling all the blooms, (sometimes picking the flowers too). So, so cute!

Finished 'sandwiching' another 2 inch square quilt and ready to start machine quilting! I enjoy all the steps making a quilt but the sandwiching part. It is very 'futzy' to me as well as frustrating. I suppose everyone has their favorite and very least favorite part to all craft projects and now you know mine;-]  

Knitting wise, 3 sweaters on the needles, a shawl and 2 pairs of socks, yikes! One pair of socks is on 000 needles! My friend and I are knitting each a pair to see if this is a better wearing sock. Have decided merino wool is too fragile for socks and found some BFL at the Interweave Festival last week. The festival was a big nothing for me! Many of my fav dealers weren't there, though no fault to the yarn dealers, and very little fiber but fingering weight yarn and all highly processed! I did enjoy immensely  sitting out in the lobby watching all the goings on and knitting. Talking with people I only see at these events and of course visiting with friends I see often. I'm a people watcher.

Tonight I am attending my first American Sewing Guild (ASG). This guild has a group for couture sewing which I am very interested in. I have also been of late wanting to join another sewing/knitting/quilting group. It has been several years since I left the quilting group I had attended for several, (15 years or so), and am feeling the need/desire to join another group. I am excited to check out this guild, meet new people and see what is happening in the sewing world. Spring kinda brings me out of the house and my little world;-/

Garden is being planted early this year. Already planted-peas,lettuce, radishes,spinach,cabbage and 6 tomato plants in Wall-O-Waters. So exciting! Kale in tomorrow ahead of snow coming in on Friday.

May Spring be truly here....soon.....

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


WOW, Yarn Along already. When Ginny said YA would be once a month I silently cried;"no, that's not enough!" And yet, the once a month sure comes around FAST. It's not that I am all that busy, though I really do not let much grass grow beneath my feet. 

Knitting: Skogafjall 
Yarn: Rauma  4tr.Strikke Garn in Blue (light) and Off White (Skogafjall sweater)
Petite Knit Anker sweater( very old >20yrs Dale Yarn)
Reading: The Tao of Inner Peace
I am really enjoying this book. Very helpful in these very chaotic times our country is presently experiencing. 
Gardening: Peas planted and Garlic is up!!!!! Also daffodils and tulips are coming up. Spring is on the way!

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Monday, March 12, 2018


Winter seems to be winding down here on the Front Range. Continue to experience a lot of WIND which after days of strong schnooks I tend to get headaches. If the temps are going to warm I like to be outside without the need of ankle weights to keep me in the county. Every chance we get we are out walking with the littles, often finding ourselves stopping for a sprinkle donut. It's worth the sugar rush to watch B. enjoy her those toddlers! 

B. was also introduced to play dough! We made our own and pulled out cookie cutters on a warmish day made cold by the high winds. She loved this, playing for a full hour rolling, cutting and plain smacking the dough.Simple and 'on hand' things make the best toys for little ones!

I have been busy sewing---a lot! I finished the blue quilt pictured above, machine quilted FEATHERS, I finally mastered a presentable feather. I tell you it was a moment of pure accomplishment for me! After completing this quilt I was an unstoppable women in my sewing room to get two more tops done, and I did by Sunday evening. Now to get them sandwich, (hopefully today) and machine quilted! 

The baby sweater pictured ( without buttons as of yet ), is a gift for a friend who's baby shower is this Minneapolis! My three adult children and I will all gather in the Twin Cities for a long weekend of much needed time together! Oh, I can already imagine the long walks, food and movies that will occupy our time and of course a baby shower. 

Talks on "Brain Science" has been on my computer these past weeks, so-so  interesting! I am of the generation that was told the brain does not  need "exercise"  and now to find out the brain needs LOTS of exercise. All the science and research being done on mood disorders, happiness, mindfulness, alzheimer, etc., why we know so little about our brains. I find this so fascinating and so hopeful for so many people who are suffering with illnesses of the brain. But most of all, the break through regarding medicine and that so many of our ills can be corrected by 'exercising' our brains.  The research showing that brain exercising has far, I mean far better results and long lasting results than most drugs used on the market today. I'm not saying throw away your prescriptions, but their may different options, keep an open mind!

Happy Monday! Gratitude is an Attitude.

Friday, March 2, 2018


Winter, it's been a long one for us on the Front Range....not much snow to make it beautiful, but enough cold and grey skies, inside with 2 wee ones, trying to keep the flu away from us. Yes, we have had Influenza A in our family and don't care to see it again this season. Things we have been doing to stay sane inside:
:: lots and lots of sewing on scrap quilts. Using up 'some' left over scrap material from previously sewn quilts. Why, when using scraps does it seem as if those scraps just reproduce? 
Did you notice the material that is dated the year 2000. Eighteen years old! I know I have fabric that dates way prior to 2000. Makes me smile to still be using these fabrics.
:: took a quick trip to ahh....McDonalds, (we were desperate to get out). Though the play fort was watched by the little one, we dodged that adventure...too many GERMS!
:: new art supplies to explore. Need to make an apron for all the creativity that is in our future.
:: taking lots of pictures of my no fuss flannel guy

Spring is just around the corner, though as usual I think it may be a bumpy corner. March has come in like a lamb, so I bet we are in for some BIG SPRING SNOW storms. The moisture will be welcomed and we can certainly keep our chins up waiting for the much anticipated garden days ahead of us. I have been eying the ground daily for the 400 tulip and daffodil bulbs Betty and I planted last fall.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

FEBRUARY 13, 2018

Today was nice outside, lots of sunshine and some warm air! When I asked Betty if she is ready for Spring and to make soup on the back porch in her kitchen, it was a very loud 'YES.' 
I love winter, I love hibernating in my house knitting and sewing, but we are feeling pent up with the little ones. I remember these feeling when my children were young, thinking, 'will Spring never arrive?' Kids like to be outside in the fresh air and sun, I like to have the  kids outside in fresh air and sunshine. But this year has been cold and dreary. With the flu raging in our county and the little ones having had one bad episode with the flu and RSV, (the baby spending a week in the hospital in December), I am not comfortable taking the kids out in public yet. That means no library, no downtown for fun at a great toy store and lunch out or fun gym time. We do bundle up for walks around the nieghborhood almost daily, though Betty is getting stir crazy. She was all smiles today stomping in puddles, picking up rocks, pointing at the big fluffy white clouds. I tell her soon, very soon we will be outside all the time.

I have been sewing! Made cute pants for the kids, my 10th pair! Love this pattern,  QUICK CHANGE TROUSERS-so easy!
Also finished the top of a quilt. Now comes the machine quilting, which I love but this one is slow going, I have time! My least favorite part-sandwiching the quilt for the actual quilting. I use an ancient folding table with clamps, then safety pinning the entire quilt. I machine quilt using a Juki machine, it's wide throat makes the maneuvering all that fabric, batting and backing fairly easy. 
Machine quilting definitely has a steep learning curve, but it all comes down to practice, practice, then more practice. I can do feathering (my favorite quilting pattern) now with good results. 
Just keep practicing.....

Here's to Spring, just around the corner!


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