Sunday, July 16, 2017


Miss B teaching Grandpa how to fish off the couch-hat wear essential.

It's 11 am and my house is soo quite! We have a baby sleeping at the moment, her morning nap and most likely her only nap today. Too many naps and this child morphs into a night owl. She is busy, too many things to look at, play with, climb on, not to mention all the cooking and dog walking that needs to be done.
The week here has been slow..... Watching Miss B, dust a room or two, dinner ready by noon, wash and hang laundry outside. Getting the laundry dry has been a little tough with the afternoon showers blowing through. I can never be angry about July showers here on the Front Range, living on a high dessert.
Went to the doctors and it was good news/bad news with broken foot.The top part of the bone is totally fused but not the bottom side. I had noticed my foot was becoming very discolored, purple, and I was getting worried. Even taking off the air cast the color did not improve much. For once in a doctors office the foot had the poor color when the air cast was removed. I am one of those people that will show up in a doctors office and what ever the problem was to make the appointment, well the problem isn't there the day of the visit! But, the problem will show up within hours of leaving the office. I can just see their notes on me, 'patient in no acute distress, appears very comfortable, told to come back when I can observe said issue'...UGH!  Any ways, I'm in a post op shoe now, no bending foot but I can walk more on the broken foot, and the color has greatly improved after 12 hours! I can also drive now, this is very good for my mental health!
I have completed another baby quilt, started cutting fabric for Christmas gifting quilts and continue to knit on Brassy and Eric's sock. Need to get knitting on some baby outfits, we are having another Grandchild in about 20 weeks! So over the moon happy, I love this Grandma thing! 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

9 JULY 2017 SLOW and REAL

It's been a full couple of days here at my house. Now when I say full, I don't mean overly busy, but rather a slow steady movement forward, this includes napping.
Finished quilting a baby quilt, needs a good wash now.
Started -then completed another baby quilt top and backing.
Made a bacon,artichoke quiche....yummy.
Read two books - The Lost Quilter was good
The Giving Quilt was terrible. I kept reading the book because I identified with two of characters and wanted to see how things turned out for them. The ending was a major let down! I told Eric "now that was a waste of time." 
Eric and I went out for breakfast, then over to Farmers Market. Shopping Farmers Marker just plain feels good to me. Good 'real' food and supporting my community, yup, leaves me feeling good. Met a really nice father/daughter team from Nebraska and had a very friendly chat , politics included . We were on very different wave lengths regarding politics but it was pleasant to see the good in each other and what brings us together, rather than what separates us.
 Something to remember, look for the good in people first.
Of course I continue to knit on Brassy as well. I think I may be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Let you know next week. 
Found on Netflix another good murder mystery show 'The Doctor.'
Takes place in Australia post WWII, one of my favorite time periods.
Keep it slow, deliberate and real!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

6 JULY 2017

I'm not good at completing tasks in the late afternoon and that includes cooking dinner! Yeah, see the problem here? My husband sure did when he retired.  The ridiculous heat in the summer only makes this issue of mine all the worse, (why are we not underweight I do not know, it could be the ice-cream for dinner;-}) After reading some foreign blogs and realizing they eat their main course at lunch, I thought brilliant! I am full of energy and like to have all chores done by 10am. Dinner at my house is now served at American lunch time and American dinner is "what ever". I have been doing this for three weeks now and I think it is working well. Eric, Miss B and I are guarantee a decent lunch(dinner) with all the fixings and then we graze when needed the rest of day! Today was homemade pizza! The pizza sauce is a Pioneer Women recipe, pizza dough from Cast Iron Cooking, garlic scape pesto-Allrecipe and the rest of the fixing, what I had in house and needed to use. This new routine also works well in being more creative to use what I have on hand and have to use up, plus cooking from scratch as often as I can manage, which is a lot, (I have more energy, lots more energy in the morning). The pizza was DELICH or MMMMMM as Miss B says often between bites. 

Yes, I am still working on Brassy Dress, the knit that never ends. Although Woolythyme tells me it will end, at least she completed hers. Since I am still in an air cast and not suppose to be walking around "too much", yeah, right, it is a good mindless knit. However, this HEAT WAVE the Front Range is experiencing makes it even hotter to have Brassy on my lap. I really want to be able to wear this in the fall and winter- so knit on I must. 

Don't you LOVE, LOVE little girls in pigtails and hats???? Be still my heart.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

5 JULY 2017

My 4th was quite, very quite, just the way I like it. And it was a HOT 4th here on the Front Range!
I spent the day reading, knitting and finished machine quilting a baby quilt. I enjoy practicing my machine quilting skills on baby quilts. I will generally do some simple line quilting in the body and free motion quilting on the boarders. Since these quilts are not meant to be perfect or judged, ( I have never had a quilt of mine judged, that would destroy the fun for me. I have no intention of taking something that is relaxing for me and turning it into a competition), but meant to be used and loved by the child. 
Since we were spending the day at home- ribs were on the menu. I cook ribs slow, real slow, like over 5-6 hours. I made my own BBQ sauce and it was great! I have been thinking a lot about all the plastic in my life and how to wean off that over used, never to break down product. Believe it or not, these thoughts are what propelled me to make my own BBQ sauce instead of running to the store to get a bottle, plastic bottle filled with preservative rich BBQ sauce. I will probably never buy another bottle of BBQ sauce again, this homemade sauce is so much better! Recipe found on Allrecipe, the one with ingredients found in most homes. Also on the days list was to make strawberry cordial. So much better than soda, even though cordial does have sugar in it, but no preservatives or additives. This simple drink is very refreshing and will be a staple in refrigerator. Any fruit can be added, another plus to use up fruit that otherwise may be thrown out do to over ripeness. Recipe for cordial found on the down-to-earth. blog.
Yes, my 4th was slow and relaxing -just what this lady needed.

Monday, July 3, 2017



We went high in the Colorado Mountains over the weekend. It was kinda a test run for the wee one, getting kinks worked out for the BIG Yellowstone trip later in the summer. The results were kinda a mix bag, B loved playing outside ALL day, getting dirty, looking at every flower and rock, watching the sky with beautiful white clouds and that helicopter was great fun! Slept the first night like the dead! Day 2 all was well until the kid chair was open and B climbed up looking so big and proud! The climbing out part didn't go as well, she was so close to mastering the chair thing but...hence, the strawberry scuffed up right side of the face-oh, did that hurt...all of us! Second night, low and behold a tooth decides it is time to bust through, causing a very sleepless night. Yet, all in all, I think it went well. Can't help the teething process and can't stop all falls that a one year will take!
The best part of the trip was B is an apprentice knitter! See , she insists on caring the knitting bag-EVERYWHERE,  I need to make one just for her.
I had brought up three projects to work on, only a few rows of Eric's sock were completed. So many more important things to explore with a new set of one year old eyes!
The high country is beautiful this time of year. Really wish we could have gone hiking, but I am still in an aircast for several more weeks. Nothing like having a cement block on my dominant foot in the summer to beat all.
Happy 4th to all.May it be fun but most of all shared with loved ones and PEACEFUL! 


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