Wednesday, May 6, 2020


Continue to stay at home, being in the higher risk category, (higher risk due to age). 
Yes, we go to the grocery store, pick up occasional to go meals, and best of all we are seeing the kids on a limited basis. We are waiting to see the COVID stats mid May, if numbers are going down, will re-evaluate going out more, if numbers go up, tighten up our 'stay at home' regiment. I don't have high hopes that numbers will go down with so many people NOT wearing masks, feeling it infringes on their constitutional rights. Selfish, selfish people!

In the mean time, getting in daily walks. Taking pictures of amazing things in nature, I'm not sure I would of noticed before 'stay at home'.

Reading: Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone  *****
Dark Money *****

Knitting: Notice
yarn ; Holst Garn

Are you on 'stay at home' restrictions? How is it going ? How are you using your time?
Wearing a mask when out?

Friday, May 1, 2020


April is a Birthday month in my family. My granddaughter and I have our birthdays one week apart to the day. Of course, I am no longer able to celebrate my day for more than a nano second, since April is all about Betty's day. She started talking about her day early in the month, reminding all, that she is going to be four and that is really big! I was informed that since I couldn't go out, I should just wrap up some of my toys for her! Also, a blue cake was to be made by me, 'my mommy doesn't know how to make cakes, she can only make cookies'. Haha, her Mom owns and runs Me Oh My Pies and Coffee
Birthday presents consisted of 6 pints homemade strawberry jam, (Betty's favorite),  one Mimi made quilt, and a Blue Cake. Birthday was a success and a very happy day for Betty.
Yesterday, though cloudy, we went on a long drive up the canyon to look at the river, is it fishable or running to fast?  May, June and part of July, rivers in the West are rising with the 'run off'. All the snow melting in the high country, finding its waterway to the Missouri or Colorado River, depending on which side of the continental divide it's on. Though the run off has definitely started the river is not running too fast to fish. Hopefully we will be able to returned today for some socially distancing fishing. Fly fishing is ALWAYS a socially distance activity. Eric in the river and me on the river bank-knitting and reading.

April reads:
A good 17th century  English aristocratic book. 
Interesting story as well as extremely sad. Politics in the US  can and often is soo sad . 
This a story of taming the Mississippi River, a river that is crucial for the US economy. Though taming the river involves political, economic abuse of low income populations and especially people of color, think Jim Crow laws. 
I found this book to be equivalent to a soap opera. I enjoy the part about how they got out of the mountains, but the love story, not so much. The ending was obvious from the first page....dumb.

Happy May day. Here's to hoping this month is better than the last few COVID months.
Take care and stay healthy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020


The first, started and finish during COVID19

Scrap quilt using scraps most sane quilters would toss out...not me!

Eric's flying tying in full swing. He is making a few dozen for a friend.

Easter snow.

Anyone need some blue food dye? Oye Vey!

Amish quilt hand quilting.

Snow clouds building in over the Rockies, expecting 4-9 inches tonight and through tomorrow. We will see.

How has your week been? I feel calmer this week, getting out walking is soo helpful. Also, coming to terms and stop fighting-what I have no control over is helpful. Sometimes it is difficult to work out what I can control and what I cannot control, and lets face it, we really have so little control  in this world. The control I have, is how I react to situations that is thrown in my path.

I have been thinking a lot about when this 'stay at home' and life returns to normal, (whatever that looks like), what things have been removed from my daily life and what things I want to bring back. I have moments of feeling this isolation thing is a real gift (not the part of sickness and financial instability), but the gift of slowing the outside world down!  What else but a virus could do this and who ever thought in their life time this could happen?
Not me!
 I want positive lessons to be learned from this situation.
We all have time to ponder :
what is good in our lives
what to not let back into our lives
what to let in occasionally
what to change personally
what to work toward.


Wednesday, April 8, 2020


**** Look at only the pictures if you do not care to read a total
rant post****

Haven't accomplished much knitting  this week.
It's been warm here, like really warm for April-70's! Aired out some quilts in the sun, starting  Spring Cleaning...maybe.
My spirit always soars seeing quilts airing in the warm sun and lordy I need to do things that helps uplift my spirit.

 It's been a week reeling in a pool of anxiety. My daughter, an OR nurse that has several years experience in ICU will most likely be sent back to the ICU to care for COVID-19 patients and the hospital does not have the appropriate PPE !
I am a retired OR nurse, and having taken
care of my share of patients with contagious diseases, I know it is part of the job, but the expectation is always that the hospital will provide the necessary appropriate
PPE. Yes, the hospital doesn't have enough PPE and yes, this is due to the complete failure of trump and his administration! I no longer have words for how much I loath this man, it's close and personal now and I hold him responsible!

Having said all that, all I can do is keep busy and busy I have been. 
Canned 9 qrts chicken stock and making masks for family and friends, cleaning and then some more cleaning, cooking, cooking and cooking again. Shedding tears, then sewing, cooking and cleaning some more. This activity is solely driven by anxiety to wear me out by the end of the day so I can sleep at night! 

Praying that my children, all children are kept safe and navigate this crises safely and with courage. 

Monday, March 30, 2020

THE PAST WEEK reviewed

Last week for me was-anxiety that was days spent on the couch in my PJ's.
Knitting, meals and maybe one walk was completed last week, but as the US total number neared 80,000 the more still I became. I did get lots of laughs from my daughter sending pictures to me of what the kiddos were up too...MISCHIEF! 
Missy cut her hair all by herself! She is now accepting clients that would allow her to hone her skills on, no charge of course.
Next up, the two of them were set up with paints and HUGE pieces paper, why use paper when one has a beautiful face to paint on. 
Parents: We quit!
Me: You can't, until your dead!
Parents: Oh, that was not in the parenting books.
Me: Don't I know it.
Parents: New bar, I'm OK with anything they do as long as it does not involve a ride to the hospital.
Me: hahahahaha.
Sure do miss those cuties!

What are you cooking while on stay at home orders!
Not wanting to waste food, after making spaghetti, we used the left over sauce and made pizza on hamburger buns. It was actually really good! 
Things we are making to eat:
potato soup
hamburger soup
scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes 
clam chowder
oven fried chicken, wedge potatoes
Interesting to read and see, we have eaten A LOT of potatoes this past week. 
This week it will be a lot of brussel sprouts since that is what came in our fresh veggie/fruit bag. Any good recipes for brussel sprouts out there. What are you cooking this week?

The quilt is one my MIL made back in the 70-80's. She loved to cross stitch and then would send the quilt out to be quilted by the church ladies;-]

And, I had a finish this past week-Socks! Fastest pair I ever knitted, done in 2 weeks. My general time is about 1 year. Stress--oye vey!

Things I am not doing anymore:
Listening to trump talk!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Another day, yet, not another dollar for so many!
My heart aches for all those that have no idea how they will survive for the next week, let alone another month. I know so many are helping out where they can, donating to food banks, helping kids meet their bills and making masks for the medical crews working the front lines. 
Remember though, the biggest thing one can do:
I have not a clue what trump is thinking about sending Americans back to work!The only words I have for this is: 'WHAT F*#$@*%#@ are you talking about'
Ok, enough, lets move on to more realistic ideas to help us through this difficult time.

1. Yale is offering some free classes on line. I have signed up for the Happiness class.

2. Elise Joys Three Things- read about this on Mary's blog

3. Cooking/Baking- what is everyone out there doing in the kitchen? Are you a scratch baker/cooker or a prepackage kitchen diva? 
Share your recipes or your favorite recipe blog.
Allrecipes is my go to place.

Yesterday, I spent the day in the kitchen making bread WW/White and Banana bread. The bananas were over ripe and not wanting to waste them=Banana bread.
I have been making the majority of our bread needs from scratch for years. Why?, I like to work in the kitchen and I love the smells of fresh bread. Does it always turn out picture perfect? NO! Every time it is a little different, but always great tasting!

What I am knitting:
and of course- a pair of  vanilla socks 

What are you doing during the COVID-19 Stay Indoors!

PS: Love the different color of eggs(picture above).

Monday, March 23, 2020


What a CRAZY, unsettling weekend with our Nation in a pandamic crisis!
My household continues to be in isolation inside our house! The only person I see 'in person' is my husband, (which is a good thing). 

Oh thank God, 3M, just announced 500K N95 masks will be in Seattle and NYC tomorrow morning! I could start dancing! I have a daughter who is on the front lines now and I am worried that she has been put in a position of high risk because of the totally lack of preparation by the FEDS! 

OK, move on and let my pressure come down
Things I was looking at over the weekend:

Self Made
Review in the NYT.

The Best Chocolate Cookies
Recipe from NYT

You Tube

Dr Thorne
Pandemic (i can only watch this in small doses ;-/)

Sunday we had a great meet up on ZOOM that Mary put together. It was so fun to put faces to names of blogs that I have followed for some time, but recently have become  an active participant/ leaving comments.

I am trying to do a meet up on ZOOM with some people here in my town tonight. let you know how it goes.

ordered today and recommended from above group:

In the Pictures:
My daughter wearing her HUMULUS
I made this for my other daughter(Erin), had Caitlin try it on for sizing and she decided it fit her like a glove. I have casted on (Erin's sweater)  3X, yes 3X, and keep screwing up the pattern and RIP.
Frustrating, and the project gets put aside.

We sold our house and CLOSED on the house. Crazy story for another time!

Ok, stay safe, stay home, and BREATH.


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