Monday, January 20, 2020


I have a thing for old things, I do! I love going to barn auctions, flea markets and antique shops in small towns. My house is not filled with ‘antiques’ but, it is filled with furniture, pictures, quilts and dishes from two generations back, from both my husband’s and my family. I really have a thing for ‘family things,’ I can’t  get rid of them. 
When first married I couldn’t afford big  antique items, like furniture or china so I was the girl that family members gifted their old furniture and china to, and now 40 plus years later I have a house full, ( many items are now considered true antiques). Patience was on my side. I love having the connection with our great grandparents, grandparents and parents through their furniture and household items. Thinking about how they used and made a home with these chairs, couches and tables, the family dinners that were served with the china and silver ware sets, that now serve my family. It all makes family get togethers special!
Since I am no longer a collector of household items, I have come to a new interest of old buildings, mostly buildings that are no longer in use, but have not been torn down. Buildings that have stood the test time of usefulness, weather and the prairie. I drive country roads, many dirt roads, to take pictures of old buildings. Who lived in these old buildings and who went to the out buildings to milk the cow and gather the eggs in the predawn hours? 
I believe that my desire for the  connection to the past is in my very soul and that my love for doing things,( quilting, knitting, spinning, canning, etc.) is so much a part of my life. I don’t live in the past, but I do need to pull the past with me in order to live in the ‘now.’
And, who doesn’t want to be remembered when gone by someone in the present? So, I wonder and think of these people of the past and what their lives were like. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2020


It's been over a month since my last post! I'm still wrestling with, do I like having my life on the open internet? Mind, not that it is a very interesting life, I strive not to be interesting, just normal-low key, doing things I enjoy. I guess, I will give this blog another run and if I get 'trolls' I will rethink "why am I blogging?'

A two sweater finish for January, both sweaters started in October and November, [ I am not a fast knitter, just steady.] The mustard sweater is for my daughter and the green one for my DIL. They both were very happy with their sweaters and I am sure will get lots of wear from these wooly goodness. 

Sent home the quilt,[pictured above] with my kids from Chicago. I am soo privileged that all my children love my quilts and always welcome the 'next one' into their home and lives. Fills my heart with joy. 

Doesn't that tray of snacks look amazing! Caitlin is amazing in the kitchen, perhaps that is why she is owner of a Coffee & Pie shop! The Charqcuterie Board was our meal on Christmas Day watching movies... ALL- DAY -LONG! No one even got dressed on Christmas Day, it was PERFECT!

2020, I have several plans in the 'making' world. Some shirts for my son, quilts, ( finishing up several UFO's), dresses for me and Daughters, and of course knitting! Their will be lots of reading as well. 
First up on theReading list:

Sandra Dallas: The Christmas Quilt
Sandra Dallas:Whiter Than Snow
Miss Read: Village Centenary
(I need some lite reading)

Joining up with Kat

Wednesday, December 4, 2019


After up loading the pictures for the Yarn Along post, I realized that we have been doing a lot of making around here. 
Makings that's been happening here:
-Cutting wool strips for wool rug
-Knitting Shore Sweater #4 (love this sweater as does every recipient of the sweater)
-New pillow cases, using some old lace I found at the bottom of a box
-Bread, made fresh (every other week)
-Beef stock
-Play dough (this is Eric's thing to make with the littles)
-A town of blocks
That's a lot of making going on and I love, love it!

Wisdom Distilled From The Daily : Living The Rule of St. Benedict Today

Monday, November 11, 2019


It's Monday and snowing here on the Front Range, it's also COLD COLD COLD. A great day to make some soup, watch Veterans Movies, sew and or knit or do some rug hooking, possibilities endless. 
The stripey quilt above is for children on the border, separated from their parents and being held in a building...grrrr!  I thought America was a country that stood for Human Rights? 
If anyone is interested, I will send and/or post about the organization that is distributing these tokens of 'I care and I know what my government is doing, and it's WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!"(my words, not the organizations words.)

I need help! What do bloggers using Blogger do about people visiting your site, people that one doesn't want on your site. How do your protect your blog?
Do I need to move to Word Press? Not post any pictures of my kids? Or, stop posting completely?
Any thoughts, suggestions!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Halloween was cold here this year and we looked more like an advertisement for 'all things knitwear' than Cat Girl! Mom and Grandma had on far more knitwear to walk around with the littles and we didn't stay out long or go far!
I completed 3 sweaters and a pair of socks last month, not bad for me. Also, working away on my wool rug, this is a slow process but I love to do mindless things over and over again. 

Books I have been reading: Just Mercy.  This book is an eye opener , very disturbing read on our justice system, yet so important to read and change the corruption with in our system. The racial discrimination is nothing short of criminal and heart breaking!  Just Mercy is a book I have to read slowly, it gets overwhelming for me.

I'm giving this a 5 star. Having become discouraged to down right angry with American Christianity over the past 3 years, this book looks at Christianity from a total different viewpoint. Richard Rohr a Franciscan priest is refreshing to read. 

Another hard read but needed read! I find it is good to look at issues through others' eyes. So much to think about and learn.

I must say though, I need to find a fictional escape book, I'm feeling overwhelmed with the above much needed reads. I need time to percolate and reframe much of my previous ideas and learn ways to move forward in more meaningful ways. 

Please join me over at Ginny's blog
and Kat

Monday, November 4, 2019


Some people really go over the top with Halloween decorations!  

Monday, October 28, 2019


We spend a lot of time at parks through out the city

Neighbors trampoline (what a monster) blew into our yard weekend before last and Eric spent 2 days taking it apart to remove it, returning it to rightful yard and putting it back together again. 
Why do HOA's allow monster trampolines but not clothes lines? 

Weather here in NoCo has been rather, bipolar, is the only word I can think of that accurately describes the past weekend. Friday and Saturday sunny and in the 70's, Sunday cloudy, snowing and in the 20's! Expecting snow through Wednesday this week then a warm up, though Halloween will be cold for the little ones out trick-n-treating. 
Warm or cold, I got my walks in-2 miles daily!

Working on a pair of socks that have been on the needles way, way too long. On the second foot now so hopefully soon, very soon they will be on my feet! 
Very little work done on wool rug..ugh!

Finished a smallish quilt for a donation. (Pictures to be posted later.)

I met my goal of $400 food bill for the month of October!! Wahoo!
Grand total $400.96, ( yes, I see the .96 cents, but I am calling this a win, win!)
To be able to cut our food bill in more than half, I have been cooking at home just about all meals and from scratch. Very little frozen and or canned foods used, this will change a little entering into winter and the fresh garden produce almost gone now. I am also back to baking bread once a week! 

Reading: The Zimmermann Telegram(audio)
-Roosevelt and Churchill(audio)
-The Erma Bombeck Collection
-I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness (this book is so good)

Stay warm!


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