Monday, June 17, 2019


It started raining, so a little of Curious George.

Yup, I think we have broken out of Spring and ( Spring Snows)! We were so confident that the weather would warm up, we went up on the river with our trailer for the week. Eric and I spent 2 days by ourselves, and it was heaven! Being in the mountains lowers all and any stress in my shoulders, it is truly a breath of fresh air! The last two days camping we had the littles with us. I had been running all sorts of scenarios through my head, 'how great it would be if they do really well, we could spend almost all of summer in the mountains with them'. Well, they did great, Eric and I, not so great. Our backs were killing us lifting them, chasing, and sleeping with "wreaking balls"! However, they both slept all night! It was great fun and all had a wonderful time, but I never figured it would be the oldies that would have a hard time. Sure we feel our backs everyday we care for the kids, but it's six hours and then we get a break till the next day,(recovering time). Aging can be so depressing! And, yes we will be doing it again because it was FUN!

This young squirrel is on our porch daily and has no fear of humans!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

It's been busy here at Little House. We had MORE SNOW, so this past week I have been planting like a crazy gardner! To be just starting to plant the first week of June is late for me and the Front Range of Colorado. Now, if my garden can dodge hail storms, I will be a happy gardener. However, I keep lots of buckets next to all my tender plants just in case I need to dash out there and cover the babies.

Lots of finishing up crafting projects going on as well. I must say, I have never liked the term 'crafting' for all my knitting, sewing, quilting, etc. projects. I consider these to be needed, useful items that I make. I rarely make an un-useful item, I have no room to display or store such an item. No, not even a wall hanging quilt!

My 2nd Phoebe sweater for a little girl in New York!

A finished hooked rug that I started years ago. I joined a rug hooking group and finished the last half of this project in 3 weeks. It helps to have people show you how to do the craft 'correctly'. I love it and am ready to start another rug. It's like doing a paint by number picture, but I get to choose all the colors. This will be placed on the floor,(it's large) in the guest bedroom.
I also finished a Bulle sweater top for my little gal, she loves it and took it home before I got any pictures...ugh!

It's go go all day long and by 6pm I'm tired! I have almost given up all TV in the evening to read.  Books that I have enjoyed the past few weeks:
Karen McInernary- these books are mindless murder mysteries, nothing too scary!
The Ragged Edge of Night- an alright historical novel
An Icy Death- mindless murder mystery
Choosing Simplicity- Great Book, highly recommend.

Happy Spring and Planting!

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Wednesday, May 1, 2019


Playing around with dyes and cotton gauze.

down---to--- earth, apron sew along!

Love color eggs, straight from the chicken.

LARGE quilt that I spent most of Monday machine quilting. Half way done!!!

Love, dimple little hands!

An example of a man who bought a trailer to big to be stored at home, makes me laugh! (And, no, this is not my home or our trailer!)

Spring Snow in the Rockies! This is to last through Wednesday with snow, then rain, poor man's fertilizer, (it is not unusual
for us to get snow through first half of May).  

 I have been knitting like a mad women, much that has no photos yet, sorry. The one photo that I did take is an Irish Aran sweater for my 'little man', I best hurry and get it done, he is growing so fast.

Over the weekend I hope to get out in the garden and start the season! Will be planting the usual, all good things that we eat all year long. Also have 100 summer bulbs coming! 
So good to have things that keep me busy and moving!

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(my computer is in the shop and posting this from "another" device)

Monday, April 22, 2019


It's a busy month for us, April is. I celebrate a birthday, as does Betty! Then of course Easter landed in April this year. I must say, I think it's genetic that we totally suck at the bunny easter egg thing. I never cared for it when my children were young, always hiding a few chocolates and eggs in mason jars 2 seconds before kids came down the stairs. Yes, mason jars, I never had grass for the baskets, nor could I find them when needed, (the baskets I had from my childhood). Well, my daughter and her husband seem to be no better at this easter egg/candy thing. Note, no baskets, we had to dig up some old grocery bags! Poor Little Man here didn't have matching shoes and they were his sister's, plus his jacket was forgotten. He is such a good easy going guy, didn't concern him in the least.

The daffodills are blooming, not so much the tulips-yet.   I have been busy sewing on the Hospital Appliqué Quilt. This is a "Quilt Along" with Civil War Quilts. Love the history this blog offers and all the fun quilting projects. I'm behind (as usual), but I am good at catching up! I, also did some dying of fabric. This is the first time I have ever dyed cotton fabric, have much to learn and learn I will.
Also an apron was made with a sewing bee on down---to---earth. I have followed Rhonda's blog since she published her first post. So much great information!

Happy Spring
I think it may really be here!

Monday, April 8, 2019


It's Monday and another start of a new week! Here in Colorado we are expecting high temps in the 70's to lows in the 40's, (day temps, I'm talking here)! Yes, sunshine and snow, all coming in this week. Coloradans in Spring time have the privilege of experiencing all four season in a week and often in a 24 hour period. Never dull!

I finished a 9 month long project of a 3" scrap block quilt. Those nine patches are 1' squares and this quilt is BIG. My favorite quilts are scrap quilts, all the different fabrics and colors make my heart soar. Scrap quilts, also give the opportunity to use up all the "scraps". Fabric has become very expensive and throwing out scraps for me is a SIN. Use it up or do without!
This quilt I will be keeping, so many fabric memories sewn in this baby.

I best get out in the sunshine before I have to don the parka and boots.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019


April already, WOW! 
Soon the garden work will begin and only light weight knitting can be done on back porch, hot sun and wool yarn-no no no, not for me. I have finished 3 sweaters since Jan.1 thus far this year. Two were started in 2019. I would love to be one of those prolific knitters, but I get side tract all the time with new cast ons and fun yarn. I guess I have difficulty staying focused on just one project.
The sweater in this post is Humulus and a fantastic knit. I really made this for my youngest but when I had Caitlin try it on, I realized it would need about 4 more inches to fit Erin properly. So, Caitlin loves it and with her, it will stay. I get to knit Humulus again! I do not mind knitting the same pattern twice or even more if it's a good pattern and Isabel Kraemer's patterns are always good.

I joined the National Rug Hooking Association. I have always been intriqued with rug making and I'm going to try this art form again- now that I have time. Oh, and I have a pile, (several piles) of wool to use up!

Books that have been read since last month's Yarn Along:
Whistling Past the Graveyard
this book is a very good, a story of friendship between a white girl and a black woman during the 60's in the deep south-nough said!
The Patch Work Bride
I have read all of Sandra Dallas books, this one not so good. The story was interesting, but the ending a total flop!
A Seat By the Hearth
A mindless read with a feel good ending.
Mending Matters
A great reference book with some wonderful ideas.

 Trying to stay home and cook more for meals. I think I'm a better cook than most meals we get at resturants and I can make meals for much less money. Homemade pizza that Eric and I both enjoyed, with "whatever" salad. It is time for me to start experimenting with salad dressing recipes this spring, I plan to grow all different kinds of lettuce.

I'm still having trouble with creepy people looking at my blog site. Wish I could block them! Any ideas?

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