Friday, January 20, 2017


While  in Minneapolis my daughter, sister and I went to tour the Basilica of Saint Mary. Not even understanding what a Basilica was we had some research to do.

[the term came to refer specifically to a large and important Roman Catholic church that has been given special ceremonial rights by the Pope.] (catholic encyclopedia)

So, a Basilica is larger and grander than a cathedral and a cathedral
is larger and grander than a catholic church. The basilica having more ceremonial rights too.

{The first church in the United States to be designated a basilica was the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis (February 1, 1926).}

Mary, Erin and I were in the very first Basilica built in United States and it was amazing. The organist was playing as  we walked through the Basilica and when we walked by the pipes....Oh my! This tour was absolutely breath taking and a sense of calmness was felt inside here.
We lit candles and looked at all the pictures, statues and windows, (hard to photo the windows with the sun shining through the stained glass). My daughter asked where the pictures of the nuns were? They sure did have a lot of pictures of the priests that served here at St.Mary's. My sister and I looked at Erin and said: 'well honey, this is one of the sad things regarding the Catholic church, they are not big on women, they have to be content being "brides of Christ"'  
Erin: 'oh, no different than any other Christian church then.'
Us: 'Yup-Tradition'

Touring the Basilica was a high light of being in Minneapolis. 
Oh, Minneapolis you do not disappoint!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I spent 5 days in Minneapolis with my youngest and what a great place to live and visit!
We had the best hamburger-ever! It has some crazy name like the Willy's a half pound of burger and cheese in the middle-those Minnesotan's are tough stock. But, the fried cheese curds are over the top (never had these before and I'm a Mid-Western!). We ate American and Middle Eastern, the only food I did not get was some great pastries, I love a good bakery in a city!
We toured a flour museum on the Mississippi, which is one of the two industries that the Twin Cities was built on. These flour plants produced over 2 million pounds of  ground flour daily, and the mighty Mississippi powered it all!  Due to all the flour dust grinding flour produced, these plants would literally blow up and burn,  and the owners would rebuild! They were the heart and soul of the Minneapolis/St. Paul. 
On the YARN side we visited the Yarnery and Steven B. Both are lovely shops. My purchases were slim-one skein sock yarn and one skein yarn for fingerless mitts.{ really trying to not bring any more yarn into house----Have you seen my basement! No please, don't!!}
We also visited the Basilica of Saint Mary! 
WOW-this was AMAZING. I had never been in a Basilica before (at least one that I remember).
More on this in another post.
Minneapolis, you are an amazing city! Young, vibrant and so much to do, yes, even in winter when it is COLD, COLD and COLD!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Hello....not much going on around here this week. Taking care of{more like being entertained and playing with} Baby B. I did spend 2 straight days working on this amazing sweater, a KAL from Fancy Tiger, Denver. I must say I could not pick it up yesterday due to a pulled muscle . I was intense and focused on knitting, I took no notice of the pain building in neck/shoulder.
Hopefully, today I can work some more on this knit-so close to finishing the back....Yahoo!
It's not what I expected but very interesting

Friday, January 6, 2017


It is COLD here today and I am tucked in with LOTS of yarn, fabric and books. Ahh, just the way I like it! I may even make a few loaves of bread! Will look for movies to watch while sewing but my knitting will need my full attention until pattern is embossed on this 'ole' brain of mine. Oh and of course lots of Chai and tea. 
E- is headed for Denver to the yearly Fly Fishing expo. So I have the ENTIRE house to MYSELF!
I LOVE LOVE having a day to myself, where I can hang out on one of the two couches, get out of PJ's or not. Blast music-dance around kitchen-living room, the sky is the limit!
Today is E and my 38th year anniversary. WOW, it doesn't seem that long, but then again all my children are grown and onto creating their own lives-so it must be true----38 years. 
And, I would marry this guy again in a heart beat- never changing a thing!
Stay warm and safe this weekend!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


A New Year is upon us and hopefully one we are all looking forward too, I know I am. We had a very quiet Holidays, with a couple of kids living out of town doing their own exciting things.  Our daughter here in town forging her new life with beautiful B. and partner, we had to share her these holiday days with new extended family. Our Holidays here at Little House was joyful yet very quiet. Changes take a bit to settle into, don't they? By Jan.2, I was wondering out loud 'doesn't anyone have to go to school or work anymore'?  A privileged thought for us retires, ahem.
The sweater I had been working on for MSK I had to declare defeat ! This knit was giving me a headache and stressing me to the point I was loosing sleep. Knitting is to calming-ZEN. So after wrestling with defeat I made the choice to frog it. I can now get on with completing some UFO's and have [of course] put a few more knits on my list for 2017. Ahh, new beginnings! One knit that I am excited about is the KAL at Fancy Tiger. I'm using Brown Sheep Eco Yarn for this project and love the Aran style without having to do cables...a win win!
I have few goals for 2017, because, honestly -I rarely carrying them all through to the end. But I have been working hard with Eric to make  the majority of our meals from scratch and most importantly to reduce are food wastage. It's amazing and sad-how much food is wasted, even by us who are keyed into this American way of life-waste. 
Happy New Year, I hope  2017 brings you contentment and joy!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Knitting and walking, not done at the same time. Oh, I have knitted while walking, but the knitting needs to be mindless, Arne & Carlos patterns are anything but mindless. I finished the hat and it turned out BIG and the pattern has errors. You can read about the hat here.
The Christmas Card sweater has been a challenge too, it's the charts again.
I emailed Arne & Carlos regarding my concerns, they live in Norway.
I was so frustrated with this pattern and ready to frog the entire project. So I decided to walk!
I walked 3 miles over to my favorite MSK and talked with an amazing knitter who ran the numbers, did more math, read and re-read the directions and could not figure out the charts.
Gathering my knitting I walked again, coming up with one last resource before frogging the project. Enter Jeffrey at Wall Of Yarn in Freeport, Il. Stopping in at a bar, ordered a beer and called Jeffrey.
Jeffrey was wonderful-spending 30 minutes on the phone with me...he and I walked through the 
entire pattern and the charts, just when we were considering failure Jeffrey said:" Oh wait, the Norwegian thing". The back needs to be a "mirror image of the front".
Me: "shouldn't the chart do that for me, I'm knitting in the round as the directions say"?
"Plus, where are my steeking stitches"?
Jeffrey: Knit across the front 85 stitches, turn to back and start at beginning of chart again. Forget those "other" stitches on the chart. And waalaa, there are 2 steeking stitches on each side and the pattern/chart works".
The sleeves Jeffrey walked me through, { I would never have figured these out}. Jeffrey did the math and said it should work, I'm trusting Jeffrey. 
When I returned home, I had an email from a women in Vermont whom Arne & Carlos asked to contact me. She had the chart corrections for the hat, but her corrections were wrong. I emailed her back with the correct-rows to be corrected for the hat and poured out my frustrations regarding the sweater. I am sure I will hear from her again today.
My Christmas Card sweater is taking a village to knit. I am excited to learn new things and hope to finish this sweater soon, very soon.
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