Monday, March 28, 2011


Picking up Sister Mary Margaret at DIA. {and she is still working}

First stop : some food and good Chili Pepper and Stout beer.

Mary and Ellen

Making pies. This year we made Lemon Meringue, Apple, French Chocolate and a Peach/Strawberry.
{had some wine and beer too}

Mary, Ellen,Eileen
{ Ellen and I are wearing our NEW Japanese aprons that Mary brought to us from Tokyo.
Love, Love these aprons! For some silly reason she forgot to get herself one.}

Caitlin and Corbett

Ellen, Dan and Fahey

Those willing to have picture taken


Visiting an Alpaca Farm in Severence


This women and her husband want to start an alpaca farm with in the next couple of years.
The weekend was action packed with food, knitting more food and beverages, My Sister Knits, walks and more beverages, food, spinning, alpaca farm, indoor co-op market, coffee [lots of coffee], more food and finally 3 movies and a little X-Files. 

Today we take this one back to the airport.........and everyone returns to our real working lives. Looking forward to Sister's Week-end next year!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Yes sir it came to me today. I have watched this puppy travel from China to my front door ! I was on the steps with pen in hand to sign for my baby. She is a beaut and oh so fast compared to her older sister. My heart is happy.

A perfect day to get an Fed Ex box and a bonus to see the crocuses up in the yard!


I have been playing with scraps again.....imagine that!!!
Something new for me you know!!

And this is what I have come up with. A cute little quilt for a special niece.
[more on this later]

And a few pictures of other things I have been doing in my Internet silence.

Block of the month that I found on the internet.
[I love,love the internet...don't you?]


A sweet little burp rag with a pretty edge for a friend of Erin's
I love making these sweet things.

Well hope to hear from my friends, good to be back.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Yes my favorite laptop is on the blink so I can not post pictures at least not new pictures! Hopefully this month I can put in a new hard drive and more ram. I think those are the names of things I need in my computer? I am a sewer not a computer person !

Have been busy and much to show for all the time spent with needle in hand.

Have a great week and hope I will be posting again soon.


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