Thursday, August 20, 2009


China East was the airlines we flew to and from China. Tight seating and we were sore for 3 days post our return trip

China, it was wonderful,exhausting, too much to see and a whole lot of people! The food I did not think was very good, alright but not great. Nothing like Chinese food here, all dishes in China taste the same, same spices, same oil.
We saw the Tericotta Soldiers. These carving were all done by hand to protect the emperor in his after life.

Rode the train for a total of 26 hours. Caitlin booked us hard sleepers for the trip to and from Chengdu. It was not to bad and I became a good squatter.

And this is the reason we were on the train. The Panda Bears!! They are so cute and the park is beautiful.
Am glad to be home, just wish my sleep patterns would return to their normal pattern.
Oh I bought allot of yarn 6 big yanks in China for the grand total of $15.50. China is a very inexpensive country to visit. The people are friendly,always smiling and helpful. But China is hard, did I mention that their are a whole lot of people in that country.


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