Sunday, November 28, 2010



Are you ready for Christmas? 

Is your list ready for Santa?

Mine sure is, as a matter of fact I am almost all done with gift buying. The last purchase will be mailed out tomorrow.....  HO HO HO!!!!!

Little Women
This gives me time to watch the Christmas tradition movies in my house.
Little Women is at the #1 spot.
# 2- The Walton's
#3- Christmas Vacation
#4- All the Christmas episodes of Little House On The Prairie


I finished the last season of The Tudors
Well worth the time, but you must start at the very beginning

Here is a map of The Tower of London.  King Henry 8th had a boat load of heads rolling up in the tower.

Hope all of you are getting your plans for Christmas done. Lets remember to enjoy the season for the REASON. JC .

Thursday, November 25, 2010



Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Sew sorry for the 2 week week absence, I have been very busy with a wonderful trip to Houston and work, the job that pays for my hobbies.

I have 2, too, and only two flowers for the week.

These wonderful dogs { are they not cute} are causing havoc with my allergies. I'm spending allot of my spare time cleaning and vacuuming and dusting to rid my house of their shedding hair and dander. The doctor wants me to get rid of them, but that would be like getting rid of my children.
Not going to happen.

Will wonder through ONE FLOWER WEDNESDAY blogs tomorrow. Have a great week!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Sister Mary Margaret making her way back to the hotel.

Yes I am back, have been back from Houston for over a week........but that week was crazy. I worked all last week, yes the entire week at the hospital, exhausting. Hosted a rather large Pamper Chef party, { I am not a fan of these parties} but we did have fun. Since Ellen was cooking and she IS NOT a COOK I thought we would all need my grandmothers' whiskey sours. Yumm...  Yumm...... a good time had by all.

Houston was fantastic..... Am so glad I went. Mary Margaret and I spent 6-7 hours a day in the show and still we did not see everything. It was so overwhelming! The first day we just walked around not parting with our coins, but the second and third day we did make purchases though neither of us went crazy.  Our project for the hotel room was we made some beautiful jewelry. 

Here is Kaffe Fassett. This is one tall man.

A Princess quilt which had a ton of detail  and hours put in by this quilter.

But the neatest thing was her shoes!!

My favorite are still and always will be the American traditional quilts. These have women's' life stories stitched into them. The antique quilts were beautiful and I could almost hear their voices looking at them.

I could not photograph my favorite quilts due to their age , so I did not take many pictures in Houston.
I will post some pictures as I download them.

Good week to all.


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