Tuesday, November 27, 2018


This gentleman was out looking for a Thanksgiving meal, nothing open. Stopped at shop(thinking MOM was open to public), one more, no problem!

Line on Friday to the liquor store? I have no idea what was on sale in there, must of been good!

Good morning! I wanted to document our first Thanksgiving celebration at Me Oh My Pies and Coffee. Caitlin and Jason both are from LARGE families and Holidays can be a bit of a juggling act for them, add two children age 2yrs and 1yr, well lets just say it can become more a hassle than fun. This year they decided Thanksgiving would be celebrated with one dinner for everyone at the shop. Everyone pitched in and brought dishes, this of course is a sure bet for some amazing food and family traditions to share! The dinner and family time was a major success! I’m sure this will now become a new tradition for both families.
I have been meditating for several weeks now- fifteen minutes a day. Who knew how life changing this habit would become. I carry so, no all my tension in my shoulders, neck and arms. I have always had stressful jobs and that stress kinda took up residence in my body, even after retiring I was still wearing my shoulders as ear rings( yes I have been on BP drugs for years now). Meditating and breathing has helped with the mind boggling conversations in my head,(they are less), made me aware of the tension in arms, neck and shoulders so I can consciously  relax those muscles. I am noticing that I breathe more before answering tough questions(annoying questions), that I look at people for who they are with so much less judgment and over all accept I am not in control and let the world roll without my constant manipulation. I am in awe of this practice and will most likely look at some meditation groups after the holidays. 
I’m hoping that all had the Thanksgiving they needed, time spent with loved ones and the experience of gratitude. 

Monday, November 26, 2018


My dogs woke me at 4am this morning. They are usually late sleepers, so when one is barking it means they have to get outside-now! I decided after getting the puppies re-settled to make coffee and catch up with the news. Nothing changing regarding US news, every time I watch it’s just more bad behavior by our president. lordy, my two and half year old grand little is more mature than the White House or the GOP….sad. Turning that off I turn my attention to the daily meditation that I have committed myself too. I find meditation has been a big help keeping my head on straight and realizing there is so much I have no control over, but ME. When I stay focused on my mental health, my family, taking small steps changing things that need twerking in my world, I find that I am changing the world for good, small steps at a time! And it is so worth my energies! 

Betty asked me to make her a quilt several months ago and of course I said I would. That quilt is now being quilted with a small wondering stitch pattern. It is taking me longer to quilt it due to I am not able to sit long in one position needed at the machine. Yes, the soon to be one year old (Gus) is havoc on my back! But, I can never resist holding that sweet sweet baby boy.

We read Pete The Cat books several times a day here with Betty. In one book Pete wears a yellow sweater with bright buttons, yup, you guessed it, I knitted a yellow Tiny Tea Leaves sweater for Betty! I will have her pick out the buttons sometime this week. 

Wound some yarn I dyed last summer using Black Hollyhocks. I’m thinking I have enough for a child’s sweater or an adult vest.

We took the kids on a bus ride last week and had too much fun! Betty loves buses and talks often of ‘yellow” buses, ‘blue’ busses and ‘green’ buses, we rode the green bus

The calendar has turn to the Christmas Season. I hope to keep ours peaceful, fun and calm. Wishing you the same this Holiday Season.

Sunday, November 25, 2018


I wanted to post these pictures! Aren't they great, love this country's landscape.

Thursday, November 15, 2018


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