Friday, July 30, 2021

JUST TOO......

All great books. It has been hotter than Hades here and I have been locked up in a dark cool basement-so over it all. 

I'm screaming for WINTER!

Quilt borders done, sandwiched but not quilted---too HOT

Waiting for rain--Always

Arms are yet to be knitted----yup, you got it--too HOT

Love this sweater! Done knitting, not done finishing, weaving and sewing underarms closed=
You should know why by now.

This river flooded 2 weeks ago, we were here 3 weeks ago. It is expected to have some heavy flash flooding tonight thru Monday morning. With glorious rain and cooler temps comes evil brotherII....flooding.

The river looks dark but the flood brought a river rolling with thick mud, it turned black.
Five people died in the river as well as so, so many fish. 

We sure had fun while we were able to be on the river safely. 
We really need to FIX the environment and now!
Too Hot, too Dry, too many Fires, too little rain, too little snow and now Deadly flash flooding.
Oh Colorado, we need to help heal you and care for you better.


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