Tuesday, May 30, 2017

30 MAY, 2017

Lots going on in my world here on the front range. We have had some of the most beautiful back porch weather for playing with the mud kitchen to knitting. Then a foot of snow fell, broke LOTS of tree limbs in the neighborhood, (we didn't loose any tree limbs, just a clothes line...again).
Then it was off to Chicago for my son's wedding! Beautiful wedding, beautiful happy couple! The weather in Chicago was fantastic as well, able to walk around Evanston, Lake Michigan and Northwestern University. On way into the ceremony, not sure what happened but my ankle turned and I broke my foot...ugh! I was not wearing heels and had nothing to drink. I walked on this for three days, returning home, (in a car). Yesterday, I was temporarily splinted and today will be casted for 6 weeks! Ugh again.
Saddest part for me was I could not dance with my son at his wedding, we had practiced that afternoon to be sure all was right. I was also unable to take pictures, due to being hard to get around
unnoticed. Only my family knew this had happened, I did not want the bride or any guest to know and it worked. 
So the future , at least the next 6 weeks , looks like a lot of knitting and lying around for me. Have to look at the silver lining in these situations;-}

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

17 MAY, 2017

Spring , and getting the garden ready is so exciting for me. The anticipation of growing real food right in my own backyard is nothing short of a small miracle in my world. What I don't understand is why everyone doesn't have a vegetable and flower garden!
Eric is busy getting the brick walk done, and boy howdy, was that a job! It looks beautiful!

Happenings on the back porch: well I put together a water/sand/mud kitchen for BB. The fun she has playing in this very SIMPLE kitchen is amazing. I feel that toys, simple toys, allow children the freedom to use their imagination. For me, to watch a child play using that amazing gift, (imagination), is better than any OSCAR movie. I also get some knitting done, in-between all the test tasting I get to do for BB.

Sewing: finished a cute SIMPLE dress for BB. Found the perfect buttons over at MSK  where I walked into a HUGE yarn sale! Can you believe it, I left with only the buttons. Couldn't find anything  I needed and let's face it, I am slightly overwhelmed with the GINORMOUS stash that I have stored all over the house!

The weekend got away from before posting this post and guess what...we are expecting rain tonight , tomorrow, then snow on Friday. Oh, Colorado- you never let us down. I went into the yard to pick the few peonies that have bloomed to enjoy in house while this cold, freezing snowy front moves through. I rarely pick flowers from the yard, unless of course roses, since they will bloom and bloom.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

10 MAY, 2017

Trying to stay focused with all the projects that need to get done...May has been full to the brim. Eric is almost done with re-laying the brick wall and all the replacement railroad ties that make our garden beds. I hope to get the beds turned, new top soil added and planted within the following week. The other, and much more important project, the construction of BB's mud/sand kitchen that will happen on the back porch. BB and I headed out to Goodwill to find a few items, which we did, but the best buy was the HAT, what a sun hat! BB had people stopping in their tracks to admire her fashion style.

I quilted the BRIGHT quilt, the brightest quilt I think I have ever made, a quilt that I pieced, I think 5 years ago and never quilted because the BRIGHT colors scared me. But, when BB saw the top she said: "WOW"! The quilt was machined quilted that week and given to sweet pea. I am afraid that quilt will only attract wasps outside, so it will be an indoor quilt.

Knitting wise, I am blocking a poncho knit " Shelter," I will then attach the shoulders and knit the cowl section. Not sure who will be the recipient of Shelter, I guess who ever it fits best.
I casted on my first Elizabeth Zimmerman guernsey sweater. The few instructions , measurements and math make me a little nervous, but what else is knitting but an adventure. I bought the pattern (loose instructions) and yarn from School House Press in Wisconsin. We will see how all this turns out........

It's raining here-all week long ;-  /


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