Friday, April 27, 2012


Second sewing class with the girls and one dog named Wendell.
Yes even Wendell had a hand made sewing project.
This week the gals made aprons.
Who doesn't love a good apron to wear while making that special meal or just hanging out in?
I know I wear my aprons for more than just kitchen work.....
I'm hanging clothes on the line with my apron on, planting seeds in the garden, fluffing the "nest"and sometimes I wear a lovely linen apron over a nice pair of capris with a newly ironed white tee, BEAUTIFUL !
Aprons are so versatile, no wonder they have been around for hundreds of years.

Mel, Caitlin, Wendell, Dana

See Wendell's apron?
It is a perfect fit.

Wendell's a little shy..

but he loves his new apron.

Caitlin and Wendell's aprons match,
how sweet is that ?
That is my" finish it up Friday" for me.
Have a great week end.
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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Sunday afternoon and out for a walk, the weather is fantastic.
Love being out doors in the spring with sun shining, birds singing and it's not hot yet.
Have been knitting and sewing of late, hope to have some finished projects soon.
Happy Sunday
I'm on my way outside again...

Friday, April 13, 2012


my daughter caitlin has been telling me for months that she and some of her girl friends would like to learn how to sew....
really !  i say, well i can teach you and your friends how to sew !
i even have all the fabric and patterns [ hard to imagine i know ] to get everyone started.
so last evening at 5:30pm we started....
first with basics on how a sewing machine works and what it needs to purr'
lint cleaning
 threading a machine correctly
and never, never throw away the manual !

we talked about patterns:
how to read them
lay out
lay out fabric
cutting out.

four hours later
each girl knew how to:
thread their machine
basic pattern reading and cutting
the magic of the iron
and drum roll......
the completed pair of pajama bottoms,
using vintage sheets found  at Good Will.
not bad for beginners !
and we ate pizza too.
in 2 weeks we will be making aprons :-)

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I’ve always wanted to be a homesteader, living that romantic prairie lifestyle (of course ignoring Indian wars, prairie fires and influenza outbreaks).  
I think it was all those Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons episodes my mom made me watch as I was growing up.  I would spend hours outside playing like I was Laura Ingalls; dressed up in old skirts we’d find at thrift stores to use as costumes.  Pretending life was harder than the 21st century of convenience I was actually growing up in.  I would go to fetch my water (from the hose) and pretend to feed my cows, horses and chickens (our dogs and my little sister).  
to continue story go to 

Oh how wonderful to know that I did influence my children! This is a true laugh out loud story.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


things in the making at my house are:
tomato cages being made by mr.p for mrs.p
i will have the prettiest  tomato cages in the neighborhood !

curing homemade soap !
these soap bars were made by my friend tara and myself.
tara is an incredibly talented person who enjoys " creating",
and sharing her knowledge.

i'm always grateful for the people in my life that love to share their knowledge,
thanks again tara!

thats it for today :-)

Monday, April 9, 2012


yes that miracle that happens every time this year !!!
seeds that i planted 10 days ago are pushing up out of the ground!!
cold weather plants: kale, spinach and chard
are peeking through the dirt

looking out the window sipping my first cup of coffee this morning my eyes fell on these ever so small plants.
i squealed with glee, adjusted the specks to be sure i was looking at my first veggie plants of the season.

oh yes i was!
grabbed the camera and out the door to get those first pics.
the first plants of summer is as exciting to me as watching my young one year olds' taking their first steps.
i will be kicking my heels up all day long.
most likely be out planting more seeds.

easter center piece made my me, myself and i.
about the most easterly thing i've done my entire life.

i am not a big fan of the easter bunny and easter baskets.
i gave up the baskets and all that messy grass for mason jars early in my children's young life's. 
caitlin even claims one year i put the mason jars on the table with the bags of candy and instructions to fill your own!
i doubt this but am willing to pay for any therapy she may need.... [ she did text me from work last saturday thanking her dad and i for being laid back parents, apparently parents get a little competitive during easter egg hunts. my children never went to an easter egg hunt either. i am not very competitive.]

since i made the center piece for easter i thought i might as well make an easter dinner!
and cook i did, all comfort foods topped off with the best coconut cake i have sunk my teeth into ever!
erin set a beautiful easter table with dishes going back through three generations.

invited all family living in norther colorado.
for some reason i took very few pictures.

my girls: caitlin and erin
they do not care for their pictures to be taken but as with all other things i taught them, they will see the value in these photos years later.

we enjoy laid  back holidays

happy spring to everyone.
enjoy the tulips in your yard or vase.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


this past week has been a busy active week for me. i returned to work and did a full 3 shifts in the OR.
everything went well, my back and leg were in minimal pain but then again being on a rather large dose of steroids helps. actually i have enjoyed this regime of steroids, eric says i have not shut up since the first pill was taken, i think he is looking forward to monday when i am done with this oral steroid round.
the only side effect i have noticed and everyone who knows me is i look like i am seven months pregnant with chipmunk cheeks and ankles that remind me of my aunt pat.[ she always had swollen ankles...why? no idea ].

but since feeling good i have been getting out in the sunshine.
over at My Sister Knits, julie had a demo on how to plant flower pots ! 
how great is that ! her gardens are beautiful and a very comfortable serene place to sit and knit.
i had the opportunity to meet several interesting ladies.
knitters are soo pleasant and wonderful to talk to.

this chicken watches over her yard.

these tulips are in my yard, the spring garden is beginning to look alive.

i have become obsessed with crochet...why?
i find it mindless and soothing.

i learned to make " bobbles" and find this stitch to be so rewarding.
i think i am just in the mode of enjoying very simple things,
things i can do with my hands while keeping an eye on spring 
breaking through the ground !

i am not a pastel color way person but can't seem to get enough of these colors!!
[ maybe it is all the medications i am on..hehe ]
wishing all a wonderful peaceful EASTER.
take time to enjoy watching spring 
i think you will be amazed!


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