Monday, November 20, 2017

20 NOVEMBER 2017

I went to the dairy to pick up some milk and  took all back roads! I could live on back roads, a matter of fact, I wish I did live on some off beaten road in the country. The open space looking west to the foothills with the great Rocky Mountains behind them, oh my yes please. On the way back home I came across those three deer just hanging out on someone's front lawn. Well, I had to turn around to get some pictures and have a chat with those beauties. Did you know that deer will look right at you when talked to, yes, it was like a real conversation, all that eye contact.

We are totally tucked in for winter on the outside. I finished planting the 400 daffodil and tulip bulbs. Whew, that was a job that was completed over a couple of weeks. Hope they all bloom come spring, it will be magical!

That bird pictured above is not our turkey for Thanksgiving, a matter of fact it is not a turkey at all, but a huge 20 pound chicken. I bought 4 of these whoppers from a young kid here in the hood who raises them for meat on their small farm. We had 4 last year and they were wonderful, but this year they are HUGE. I froze most the meat for later meals and the bones will be used to make broth, yum yum. And that bread, making it several times a week...sooooo good!
Continuing  to knit, all over town---down town, Lucky Joe's, Me Oh My......

It's the start of the holidays with Thanksgiving this week. I enjoy Thanksgiving, getting together with family and the food! The best part is no stress regarding gifts. I hope to keep this season very low key, enjoying the people and things that are important to me and my family.
Please have a wonderful safe holiday this Thanksgiving and may the season ahead meet your needs!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

9 NOVEMBER 2017 (quick change trousers II )

OMG, can't get enough of these pants!!!!
Quick Change Trousers
I have 4 more pairs cut out and ready to sew.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

8 NOVEMBER 2017 (quick change trousers)

With the beautiful snow yesterday and cold, cold temps that rolled over the Front Range, I cut out and sewed up some Quick Change Trousers. A first for me, and I must say it was Soule Mama that persuaded me to give this pattern a try, not being one to buy a book for just one pattern. My first response to the pattern was "seriously", tracing the pattern was like reading a letter from the Revolutionary days. Lines, and very light ones' at that were all over the paper. First, I had to figure out what pattern I was looking for,  then  gently trace that pattern with a #2 pencil, and finally a tracing on pattern paper to cut out the pattern..whew! More brain power and steps I care to step through when I'm itching to sew! Though once done, these pants are a breeze to sew up, no kidding, like in 20 minutes if that long! Quick Change Pants are lined, though could be made unlined, using what I had in my stash,  ( I have A LOT ), the more color and pattern fabric the cuter! I used my serger, my very old serger, like the first one that Bernina put on the market some 35 years ago-oh dear!  I have three more pairs to sew together today. Total: 3 pairs for my B and 2 pairs for a baby coming in January. I just can't show up to a shower without a home made with love gift! Hey, my daughter is due too, like at any time now! I can make this little guy several pairs too. Move over quilts in the making, I need a little time for more Quick Change Trousers.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Halloween downtown standing in the fire truck.

is now open! It has been all hands on deck to get these doors open to the public.

First pee pee in potty ;-) She was so excited she grabbed her cheddar fish and put on her red boots. Mind you, it's about 5am, oh 'day lite saving!'

It's 5am- again
"Mom, since were up, don't we need to get to shop to start the soup? You know it's snowing today, everyone is going to want hot soup and I can help!"

                                   Grateful happenings here on the Front Range

:: The BIG news is that Me Oh My Pies and Coffee has officially opened its doors to the new shop.
    This has been a 2 year project getting this building built, finished and open. Caitlin was not even       
    pregnant with little B when this project went to paper and pen and now she is  due with second 
    child anytime, she is 37 weeks-yikes! The shop has been packed since the doors have opened!

::  Snowing this morning, several inches on the ground. I'm always in awe  how beautiful snow 
      makes my world, white and clean.  

::  Today will be a soup, bread kinda of a day. Hoping to get out for some pictures with Little B.

::  Today may be snow but the temps will be back in 50-60's starting tomorrow. I need to get some
     more daffodils, tulips and garlic in the ground by Sunday. Spring here will be full of color...I hope.

::  Trying to squeeze in knitting and sewing but it has been tough with all the exciting goings' on 
     around here. 

:: Life is busy, sometimes busier than I would like, but I wouldn't trade it for all the tea in China!


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