Monday, June 27, 2011


The Little House Quilting Etsy shop is now open for business!! 


This is an Etsy shop that will have various quilts (and other items) designed by myself, Nathan, Ma Ingels or anything else that moves me.  

Boy Oh Boy! I am excited! 

Check out the Etsy link just to the right there...yup, there.  

Or go here...


Sorry, but something happened this AM with my post. It was posted under June 6th; WHAT?
It is fixed now, sorry if you received the post twice.
Oh and I finished the book last night.
Did not like it at all.
Nothing , not one single plot, idea was developed in the book. The read was just one BIG tease!
So I am off to the library today.


I love Sunday's because it is my "Do nothing day".
Except maybe watch the breeze coming through the curtains

Starting a new quilt

Once I decided I liked the block, I cut out the entire quilt.
Yes: using up and not wasting a thread

Several blocks completed

And I am HAPPY, HAPPY !!!

Started this book last night and will finish it tonight.
It takes place in the South, Mississippi to be exact. It is about the
"Freedom Riders".
What a terrible time, hard to believe that happen in my life time.

Loving this Quilt.
Maybe next week I can make this.


Summer skies to look at mid-day

a favorite place to visit all the time

So many books to read

All the while enjoying the slow pace of summer.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I am almost done with this cutie quilt for my cutie niece.

Need to do something FUN on the back of the quilt for her. Something with Mooses again I think.

In my washing and cleaning frenzy yesterday I found this small table topper quilt.
My living room table needed a summer look 
and this fits great !!
Wishing everyone a restful Sunday.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


WORK: all though needed for the extra income and the opportunity to use my college degree is putting a real cramp on my sewing time when I am working 4 days a week.  We seem to be very short at the hospital, so I have been working "up".
Things are not getting done around here like:

I did 3 BIG loads this AM plus airing my summer quilt.

All done quilting The Mouse

{ back }
I am thrilled with the way it came out.

Better get back to Saturday chores:
I think I will be too tired to cook tonight...
How do you handle your Saturday chores ?

Thursday, June 16, 2011


More rain and hail here
but I ran out to the garden to pick some of these before they were damaged by the hail.

Are they not BEAUTIFUL

Eye candy if ever I saw !!!!!!

Peonies are now on my kitchen table to feast my eyes on at will

Oh the lovely smell of these flowers !
Who wouldn't want to sew with flowers to keep them company.

Sew I loaded a bunch of bobbins

And set to quilting the Mouse Quilt.

What fun.... not sure what part of quilting I enjoy more.
The picking out the fabric or the piecing or the 

Well I am onto the binding and soon very soon I hope to have an announcement for everyone.
Something exciting and fun.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Eric and I spent the a long weekend up in Rocky Mountain National Park. 
Our trailer, { this is a small trailer, but on the other side the kitchen slides out to make a lot more room. Perfect size for us !}

[ kitchen]

[bed with quilts and knitting in my bag]

The following are all scenes from around the camp site.

I do not know the names of peaks but 
Longs Peak 

Beetle kill is a problem in the park.

Lots and lots of snow on the mountains.
A Ranger was telling us it snowed in the camp ground just 5 days ago.

The cook

Big clouds would build up in the afternoon, but NO rain.

Sun going down

Sun rising.

I love going out in our little trailer. Getting away from"'have to's" is so good for the soul.
When we go off we do nothing but read, fish, knit, hook  on rugs [ picture later] and of course eat like kings.
I believe everyone should go out into " Nature" for a couple of days each year. Just sit and listen to the wind come down off the mountain, watch the humming birds work and gaze upon the beautiful surroundings. 
Oh I can not wait to go back.....soon very soon.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


The Wool Market opened to the public at 9AM Saturday morning and as you can see was off to a brisk start.

I love to walk around the booths and just touch the fibers.

I bought a lot of this to spin. It is Merino wool [ my favorite ] and silk.
Gotta love that !!

This bag is full of camel ,bison,ox,rabbit, and musk.
Unfortunately, I am allergic to most of those fibers.

This is reverse rug hooking using  yarn. I bought all the equipment to do this about 3 years ago and as of today have never used any of it. But each Wool Market I vow this year I am going to make me a bag  [or something].

Beautiful bag of Merino Wool

Are these just not BEAUTIFUL. Wool and Silk.

The new Side Kick spinning wheel by Schacht. It is very small compared to their traditional spinning wheel and cute.

Love , love these colors. This lady is from Texas and I always have to stop by and say hi and perhaps pick up a skein or two or three.

I could look at yarn all day but the money runs out and I had to go home, { I mean back to camp}.
We were camping up in Rocky Mountain National Park. I will post some pictures tomorrow of shots inside the park.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Getting it done and enjoying the process.

Two color quilts are so American .

Turkey Red quilt were very "IN" in the 
19th century.
Read all about it by clicking on Turkey Red.
I enjoy making quilts with lots a different fabrics in the quilt,  as my late friend Cindy always said
" when in doubt add more color".
I usually follow her good advice but their is something soothing and peaceful to make a two color quilt.
Is it connecting with quilters who have gone before me? Remembering how for them to make a quilt it took much more planning  and saving scraps of clothing.
I make quilts for my own enjoyment. In the 19th century quilts were made more often to keep a family 
member warm.
Everything had a purpose and nothing was wasted.
Me I throw my scraps away.
{not too many though}
So two color quilts lets me remember if only for a short while....
and they are BEAUTIFUL  !!!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


[Lilly Bee quilt ]

Circle quilts have me intrigued. 
I bought a BIG ruler so I could try one of these puppies. 
{ of course life keeps taking up my time }
I bought my ruler in Houston and have seen them on blogs.
So I will be trying a round quilt soon, very soon.

Has any of you ever made a round quilt?
I will use softer colors.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I love clothes line. I love everything about them.....sorting the clothes, hanging them up, watching them dry in the breeze.

It is just so......well Little House !
and so ME.

Sam worried I am going to drop a load of clean clothes on him.

Quilts airing on the line.
{ my heart be still} 

Veggies starting to pop up in the garden next to the clothes line.

Summer in the back yard of Little House

My heart is swelling 

Beautiful flowers

Sunshine drenching them in love


Sadie enjoying the yard.
Have a great week
I am off to the FIBER FEST
in Estes.


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