Monday, June 13, 2011


Eric and I spent the a long weekend up in Rocky Mountain National Park. 
Our trailer, { this is a small trailer, but on the other side the kitchen slides out to make a lot more room. Perfect size for us !}

[ kitchen]

[bed with quilts and knitting in my bag]

The following are all scenes from around the camp site.

I do not know the names of peaks but 
Longs Peak 

Beetle kill is a problem in the park.

Lots and lots of snow on the mountains.
A Ranger was telling us it snowed in the camp ground just 5 days ago.

The cook

Big clouds would build up in the afternoon, but NO rain.

Sun going down

Sun rising.

I love going out in our little trailer. Getting away from"'have to's" is so good for the soul.
When we go off we do nothing but read, fish, knit, hook  on rugs [ picture later] and of course eat like kings.
I believe everyone should go out into " Nature" for a couple of days each year. Just sit and listen to the wind come down off the mountain, watch the humming birds work and gaze upon the beautiful surroundings. 
Oh I can not wait to go back.....soon very soon.


Kathryn D. Duke said...

what fun...such beautiful scenery enjoy the rest of your trip...thanks for sharing with us!!

Julie said...

Great pictures, especially your sun sets. Can't believe how much snow is still in the mountains.

Creations by Dina said...

Oh how beautiful. My husband would love to go camping there.


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