Saturday, April 30, 2011

This is so wonderful. Enjoy!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Any idea what this is?

It is "Grandma's formula" to jump start the garden microbes from their winter sleep.
What's in it? Mouthwash, dish soap,beer, coke, and of all things tobacco leaves that were seeped for days. Crazy I know, but I am a sucker for anything "Grandma" has to say !

Our apple tree in bloom


Makes my heart sing.

Spring crochet blanket in the making.

Love the sweet colors

Spring and colors, so go together

Fun binding

For a little girls quilt

that I can not show you in full view yet

I am so happy with this quilt and think my little friend will be too.

Friday, April 22, 2011


April is a busy month in this house. The OR bake sale for the Food Bank is in April.
Note all the flour on the front of me. Yes I was grinding flour for 15 loafs of bread to be sold at the bake sale. I forgot to put the bowel in the grinder and poof it was all over the floor, the counters, and me self. What a mess!!!!! { but it did make me giggle, the dogs just gave me that " hey bacon brain, what were you thinking" look}

This dough will make 6-7 loafs

I sold these twice in the OR....sooo I had to go home and make more.

Look at SAM move, he saw food fly to the floor.

Sadie she doesn't care about food.
Look how long her back legs are....she almost has to cross them to sit comfortably. 

OR Bake Sale

Ready made Easter baskets

Bunny Cup Cakes made by our famous baker John.

April also puts another number on my age. Yes my Birthday is in April.
[flowers from E]

I have 2 days to celebrate
{flowers from G and L}

And finally, April brings flowers in the garden.

Love the tulips. My garden is bursting with tulips.
Next week I will give a peek at what I have been up to regarding hooks and needles.
But today I am off to dig around flea markets with my sister. 

Monday, April 18, 2011


Spring is sooo trying to break forth. Crows are out all around our house. This one sat in this tree all day long just watching the neighborhood.

Snow last Thursday. Sure was pretty with the tulips popping up.


Caitlin and Corbett bought a food cart business. Saturday was their first night! 

The sweet pork sandwich with coleslaw was wonderful !

Corbett and Caitlin

Their food cart is in front of Equinox brewery.

And what pulls up but a bicycle built for  SEVEN

Friday, April 8, 2011

I love the smell of fresh pine cones . On my walk with the dogs new pine cones were everywhere.
A sign that spring is really flirting with us.

Puppies out on walk.

I love signs that protect the fish. Hate seeing people washing their cars and letting all those suds just drain into the river.

Spring is outside as well as inside.[back to quilt for niece]

Teenagers outside walking the high wire. {CRAZY} Music blaring, oh to be young again in the spring

Yarns I have been saving to make a Granny Square blanket. [ I have about 12 more spring colors downstairs]

Granny Squares in the making.

Love, love spring and all the colors!

Monday, April 4, 2011


The winds have been out of control here in Colorado. The back fence blew down...again. This is not our fence but Honey will fix it . Need to keep the puppies in one yard.....OURS!

Just liked this picture. Love those alpacas. 

Walking the puppies or better yet, puppies walking me.

Baking bread

Peanut butter cookies

Watched Prime Suspect and Unstoppable while knitting these socks.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Spring is trying to burst forth, but the wind in front is causing us problems.
Will be spending the weekend fixing fence much to the puppies dismay. They had a whole new world open to them,{they met a BIG cat } am not sure if they like the cat or afraid of the cat.
The cat lives behind us.

April brings the Food Drive to the hospital and I was informed by my boss I would be making bread for the annual Bake Sale! 
I love making bread and I enjoy baking for the Bake Sale, this year however I work the day before the sale which means I will be baking late into the evening.....AND it is my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
So much for a FUN/ME day. 
I guess I will celebrate the following day. The first 16 years of my life were celebrated on the "following day" because my Mother wrote the wrong date in the family bible.
Needed a passport when I was 16 , which means a birth certificate and I cried out: "MOM"
She apologised and said it was a "busy time when I was born". 
It was Easter Sunday morning and my Dad was graduating from Law school and I was the 4th child, {7 more to come over the years}.
So long story short I guess my birthday this year will be celebrated on the "other day".
But today I am SEWING!!!!!


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