Friday, April 22, 2011


April is a busy month in this house. The OR bake sale for the Food Bank is in April.
Note all the flour on the front of me. Yes I was grinding flour for 15 loafs of bread to be sold at the bake sale. I forgot to put the bowel in the grinder and poof it was all over the floor, the counters, and me self. What a mess!!!!! { but it did make me giggle, the dogs just gave me that " hey bacon brain, what were you thinking" look}

This dough will make 6-7 loafs

I sold these twice in the OR....sooo I had to go home and make more.

Look at SAM move, he saw food fly to the floor.

Sadie she doesn't care about food.
Look how long her back legs are....she almost has to cross them to sit comfortably. 

OR Bake Sale

Ready made Easter baskets

Bunny Cup Cakes made by our famous baker John.

April also puts another number on my age. Yes my Birthday is in April.
[flowers from E]

I have 2 days to celebrate
{flowers from G and L}

And finally, April brings flowers in the garden.

Love the tulips. My garden is bursting with tulips.
Next week I will give a peek at what I have been up to regarding hooks and needles.
But today I am off to dig around flea markets with my sister. 

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Julie said...

Happy Birthday a couple of days late.
Your bread looks wonderful, I could use a piece with lots of butter at this moment!


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