Monday, June 24, 2019


Eric and I look a little trip to the capital of the world-NYC!  Last time I was in NYC was in 65/67, I was a young kid, went to the Worlds Fair! Eric and I are not big city people, but we had a niece getting married in the city and off we went. Surprisingly, Eric and I loved NYC! So much great food, old and new things to see, LOTS of friendly/helpful people, shops, parks and sitting out on the pier watching sail boat racing, (well- I was knitting). 

We walked 5-6 miles down, from Mid-town to Battery Park. Stopping in SOHO for some yarn shopping. Purl SoHo has the NICEST people working for them. I did not realize that Purl SoHo had their own line of yarn! And, the price point-fantastic! The shop is small, not much to really see, but worth a trip. 
I also went to Brooklyn General store, nice, but again, not much to see! 

Sarges, where we ate the BEST corn beef sandwiches, like biting into butter! Eric and I split one sandwich and that was enough till a late dinner. New York has great food and the pastries, over the top.

I'm not sure I'll ever return to NYC, it's a long ways from my home, but it is so worth, at least once to visit that great city.

Monday, June 17, 2019


It started raining, so a little of Curious George.

Yup, I think we have broken out of Spring and ( Spring Snows)! We were so confident that the weather would warm up, we went up on the river with our trailer for the week. Eric and I spent 2 days by ourselves, and it was heaven! Being in the mountains lowers all and any stress in my shoulders, it is truly a breath of fresh air! The last two days camping we had the littles with us. I had been running all sorts of scenarios through my head, 'how great it would be if they do really well, we could spend almost all of summer in the mountains with them'. Well, they did great, Eric and I, not so great. Our backs were killing us lifting them, chasing, and sleeping with "wreaking balls"! However, they both slept all night! It was great fun and all had a wonderful time, but I never figured it would be the oldies that would have a hard time. Sure we feel our backs everyday we care for the kids, but it's six hours and then we get a break till the next day,(recovering time). Aging can be so depressing! And, yes we will be doing it again because it was FUN!

This young squirrel is on our porch daily and has no fear of humans!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

It's been busy here at Little House. We had MORE SNOW, so this past week I have been planting like a crazy gardner! To be just starting to plant the first week of June is late for me and the Front Range of Colorado. Now, if my garden can dodge hail storms, I will be a happy gardener. However, I keep lots of buckets next to all my tender plants just in case I need to dash out there and cover the babies.

Lots of finishing up crafting projects going on as well. I must say, I have never liked the term 'crafting' for all my knitting, sewing, quilting, etc. projects. I consider these to be needed, useful items that I make. I rarely make an un-useful item, I have no room to display or store such an item. No, not even a wall hanging quilt!

My 2nd Phoebe sweater for a little girl in New York!

A finished hooked rug that I started years ago. I joined a rug hooking group and finished the last half of this project in 3 weeks. It helps to have people show you how to do the craft 'correctly'. I love it and am ready to start another rug. It's like doing a paint by number picture, but I get to choose all the colors. This will be placed on the floor,(it's large) in the guest bedroom.
I also finished a Bulle sweater top for my little gal, she loves it and took it home before I got any pictures...ugh!

It's go go all day long and by 6pm I'm tired! I have almost given up all TV in the evening to read.  Books that I have enjoyed the past few weeks:
Karen McInernary- these books are mindless murder mysteries, nothing too scary!
The Ragged Edge of Night- an alright historical novel
An Icy Death- mindless murder mystery
Choosing Simplicity- Great Book, highly recommend.

Happy Spring and Planting!

Please join me with Ginny for Yarn Along.


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