Monday, June 17, 2019


It started raining, so a little of Curious George.

Yup, I think we have broken out of Spring and ( Spring Snows)! We were so confident that the weather would warm up, we went up on the river with our trailer for the week. Eric and I spent 2 days by ourselves, and it was heaven! Being in the mountains lowers all and any stress in my shoulders, it is truly a breath of fresh air! The last two days camping we had the littles with us. I had been running all sorts of scenarios through my head, 'how great it would be if they do really well, we could spend almost all of summer in the mountains with them'. Well, they did great, Eric and I, not so great. Our backs were killing us lifting them, chasing, and sleeping with "wreaking balls"! However, they both slept all night! It was great fun and all had a wonderful time, but I never figured it would be the oldies that would have a hard time. Sure we feel our backs everyday we care for the kids, but it's six hours and then we get a break till the next day,(recovering time). Aging can be so depressing! And, yes we will be doing it again because it was FUN!

This young squirrel is on our porch daily and has no fear of humans!

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Mereknits said...

Aging is pretty hard! Glad yu enjoyed your time in the mountains.


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