Sunday, January 12, 2014


two  turkeys stopped me on road to town this morning. i assumed they belonged to someone and escaped from their fenced home. it turns out they are wild turkeys and the talk of the town. apparently they have been all over the place, walking down the road, walking the roof line of homes and making an appearance all about town. i had never seen a wild turkey before and had no idea they were around, they are, and have decided to stretch out a bit below the foothills. i think they are fun and i bet they would be proud to know they are the “ talk of the town”.

erin watched the bronco game with us this afternoon--go broncos--we will see them play again next week too. she was saying how she needed a hat and of course i had one for her. she then mention it would be nice to have a warm i went and found her a recently completed cowl made from alpaca that i picked up at rhinebeck ny. amazing how that worked out, she mentions she's cold and leaves with 2 knitted items ;-)

the roses were from my dear husband, we celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. where has that time gone?  looking forward to the next 35 years with you sweetie !

Sunday, January 5, 2014


it's fun looking at the past year and realizing that "no i didn't just rest on my laurels, but actually finished several projects.
2013 was not a planned out year like 2014 is for me.
when i say "planned" i mean it in a very loose way, my plan is easy and flexible...
basically i would like to finish 2-3 projects either knitting or quilting before purchasing any new material or fibers. 
this will be easy  in the month of january since i have several, ok, lots of started, almost finished projects hanging around the house. yes, i am a great starter and a slow finisher.
oh, i do finish most projects but on "eileen's time", probably why i do not like to sew for others, i really detest dead lines!
goals are something i have set for myself but never seem to fully meet or complete. i am seasoned  enough in my own skin to know not to set goals regarding my sewing and knitting endeavors. 
i need more freedom to bounce around, to let thoughts run through my head, to day dream of all the different possibilities. 
do not misunderstand, i admire those creative people who can start a project and map the entire process out with goal setting. you know what i’m talking about, “ i will knit at least 10 rounds every evening” or “ i will complete one block per day”. 
so none of these types of goals have been set for me in 2014!
the only two “goals” i have  are: 1- slow down and enjoy the process and 2- try so very hard to finish up started projects before buying anything new! 
tell me about your 2014 projects.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


yippie...i love a snow storm.;-)
it's saturday, the absolute perfect day in my week-because it is my day off- to hang around the house and savor the day in doing slow chores and watching the white stuff fall gently from the sky.
yes there will be laundry, vacuuming done but also some sewing, spinning and of course some knitting. 
the fire place will be going for the dogs and myself as well, not to mention the cozy factor in a roaring fireplace with grey skies and snow piling up outside.
mr. p has been out and shoveled twice all ready.
that man likes his driveway clear, oh yes he does.
if your lucky he will even do a neighbor or two's walk way, that is just the way he rolls.
so i am off to enjoy my day, my slow day doing all the things i love on a cold snowy january day.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I know I am getting old when every January 1-I ask myself "where did the year go"?
But time waits for no one and just continues to march on.
I do hope to get LOTS of sewing/knitting done this year and of course the usual New Year resolutions of eating better, moving more, acquiring get the idea.

I finished last weekend my Aunt Phillie rug , which has been in the making for maybe 2 years.
Now this is a New Year's resolution I would love to accomplish----getting all my UFO's completed. Oh that would be soooo WONDERFUL.
I also finished the Tumbler reproduction quilt. I put another black border on that is not in the photos

The picture of the guy and the dog, I have no idea who they are....hehe
We were in this establishment that has the BEST Chicago hotdogs ( here in northern Colorado )
and this dog was sitting at the bar! Made me laugh and I had to get a picture of him. The guy kinda just jumped in the pic. It all made me smile.

Smile more yes, now that's a great NY resolution.

Have a wonderful day and hope you continue to work on your NY resolutions in 2 weeks time!


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