Saturday, January 4, 2014


yippie...i love a snow storm.;-)
it's saturday, the absolute perfect day in my week-because it is my day off- to hang around the house and savor the day in doing slow chores and watching the white stuff fall gently from the sky.
yes there will be laundry, vacuuming done but also some sewing, spinning and of course some knitting. 
the fire place will be going for the dogs and myself as well, not to mention the cozy factor in a roaring fireplace with grey skies and snow piling up outside.
mr. p has been out and shoveled twice all ready.
that man likes his driveway clear, oh yes he does.
if your lucky he will even do a neighbor or two's walk way, that is just the way he rolls.
so i am off to enjoy my day, my slow day doing all the things i love on a cold snowy january day.


Bonnie said...

I love that old quilt pattern Eileen. I've always wanted to make it up. Bought the booklet but never made it. Have a good snow day. We got about 4 inches but the drive is shoveled and it's melted from the concrete already. Sun is now out!

Kyle said...

It's one of my favorite quilts too.


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