Sunday, January 5, 2014


it's fun looking at the past year and realizing that "no i didn't just rest on my laurels, but actually finished several projects.
2013 was not a planned out year like 2014 is for me.
when i say "planned" i mean it in a very loose way, my plan is easy and flexible...
basically i would like to finish 2-3 projects either knitting or quilting before purchasing any new material or fibers. 
this will be easy  in the month of january since i have several, ok, lots of started, almost finished projects hanging around the house. yes, i am a great starter and a slow finisher.
oh, i do finish most projects but on "eileen's time", probably why i do not like to sew for others, i really detest dead lines!
goals are something i have set for myself but never seem to fully meet or complete. i am seasoned  enough in my own skin to know not to set goals regarding my sewing and knitting endeavors. 
i need more freedom to bounce around, to let thoughts run through my head, to day dream of all the different possibilities. 
do not misunderstand, i admire those creative people who can start a project and map the entire process out with goal setting. you know what i’m talking about, “ i will knit at least 10 rounds every evening” or “ i will complete one block per day”. 
so none of these types of goals have been set for me in 2014!
the only two “goals” i have  are: 1- slow down and enjoy the process and 2- try so very hard to finish up started projects before buying anything new! 
tell me about your 2014 projects.

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Kyle said...

What awesome accomplishment. No plans specifically, just enjoy the ride and see what comes my way.


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