Friday, July 31, 2015


Last evening Caitlin and Jason had a BBQ Birthday Party for Erin, she turned 26. It was a lovely evening, people stopping by, lots of good food and cold beer, with piñata x2 cracking, cribbage with Dad- (Caitlin loosing to her Dad again, someday Caitlin, someday. You knew you were in trouble when he took off his tie), country views, cows , old out building picture taking and lots of pictures.
Seems like yesterday that my children were babies!
And so how very proud I am in the adults they have grown into being.  
My three children have been the greatest gift in my life…. loved every stage that my kids passed through. Sure some weren’t as fun as others, but sometimes one has to figure out what doesn’t work
to know what does work. We all have gone through those growing pains!
But my three, the amazing people they have grown into….Erin- a nurse to be, Caitlin-small business owner, Nathan-wood working artist, this Mom’s heart is busting and over flowing with gratitude and love! 

Friday, July 24, 2015


doing a lot of this that and the other.
 knitting on the fair isle dress and pi shawl
finishing up the quilting for a gift
freezing some kale
making beef pot pie filling to freeze
2 quarts yogurt
and if i get up enough nerve- i may try to make some motzerella cheese ;-/
i seem to have an abundance of whole milk.
the yarn above has been wound for some chair pads that i really need to get going on.
so much to do, august will be the month that i will set aside to start on Christmas gifts.  i need to get organized, which can be difficult for me because by the time i finish organizing i’m exhausted. though i love to work in an organized home, i tend to stay better focused and not jump from project to project. 
time, time is always the big factor. 
ok-i’m off to look up “how to” make motzerrela cheese. my daughter has done this before, perhaps if i bring her the milk she will do the work?

the open range in northern colorado, seeing cattle out there-my heart soars. open range and cattle reminds me of all my thoughts and ideas of what the west was all about when i was a child. open, semi-tamed but where one could see horizon to horizon. it's pure freedom , chest busting feeling to this lady!
and those clouds, oh, their is something so much bigger than me. i stand out on the range with arms out- overcome with awe, what an amazing world, and what a speck i am standing out on the range, just me, cattle, open range, blue sky and puffy clouds…...

Friday, July 17, 2015

THE ABBY (2nd visit)

I am so smitten with this place The Abby! Driving into the Abby a sense of serene calmness envelopes my whole being. Taking in all the sights, animals, Station Road and the Sister’s in their habits, working with their hands, producing most of what they need, living simply and humbly.
I was in the gift shop today and bought some medallions , a rosary, pray book and a book on these incredible Benedictine nuns. I talked with a Sister ( in full habit, as I remember habits) who's eyes just sparkeled as she told me about all the things these sisters produce. So after paying for my first purchase I bought 3 lbs hamburger -born, raised ( on green green grass at the Abby), slaughtered, and packaged there at the Abby. With the ground beef, I bought some Abby cheese that has a label of the cow and a nun kissing the cows nose. Next week I hope their honey is ready and if so I will return for some of that wonderfullness.
The llama ( picture above ), will get a hair cut soon and one of the Sister’s will clean, spin, then weave rugs with her fiber….I will be purchasing one of those rugs as well. 
After chatting for some time with Sister I went over to Station Road and walked really climbed Station Road to the Stations of the Cross….peaceful, beautiful! If ever a place to feel God’s presence all around you-it’s the Abby! 
On my next trip I hope to be there during the chanting by the nuns. It’s an amazing sound!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


It’s been a quiet summer thus far and believe me you, I love it that way. I no longer have to be busy with outside activities and friends. I prefer quiet semi solitude, working slowly on several different hand projects, talking to my dogs and husband (when he gets home). 
My garden has been a semi-total flop this summer-a mixture of too much rain and then hot hot days. I have given up! I would not make a good early american settler, would of starved to death with my garden attitude this year. But, the only thing thriving in the garden this season is weeds! We went and bought straw to help keep the weeds down and to help the cracked hard soil…like I said it has been a tough season in the garden.
Have a Birthday coming at the end of the month…my baby will be turning 26-say it aint so!  Have been working on several hand made items for her, ( hope I can accomplish all on my list)! 
Listening to the Civil War by Ken Burns
and oh my is all I can say. 
Have a slow peaceful day-I will.
PS: The grand dog is coming today for a stay-cation with us. Something to mix it up, we love Wendell.


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