Friday, July 17, 2015

THE ABBY (2nd visit)

I am so smitten with this place The Abby! Driving into the Abby a sense of serene calmness envelopes my whole being. Taking in all the sights, animals, Station Road and the Sister’s in their habits, working with their hands, producing most of what they need, living simply and humbly.
I was in the gift shop today and bought some medallions , a rosary, pray book and a book on these incredible Benedictine nuns. I talked with a Sister ( in full habit, as I remember habits) who's eyes just sparkeled as she told me about all the things these sisters produce. So after paying for my first purchase I bought 3 lbs hamburger -born, raised ( on green green grass at the Abby), slaughtered, and packaged there at the Abby. With the ground beef, I bought some Abby cheese that has a label of the cow and a nun kissing the cows nose. Next week I hope their honey is ready and if so I will return for some of that wonderfullness.
The llama ( picture above ), will get a hair cut soon and one of the Sister’s will clean, spin, then weave rugs with her fiber….I will be purchasing one of those rugs as well. 
After chatting for some time with Sister I went over to Station Road and walked really climbed Station Road to the Stations of the Cross….peaceful, beautiful! If ever a place to feel God’s presence all around you-it’s the Abby! 
On my next trip I hope to be there during the chanting by the nuns. It’s an amazing sound!

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