Wednesday, July 1, 2015


 Ok, first I apologize for the poor, very poor pictures!
Buttt-what the heck happened to this skirt I knitted for Caitlin. When she sent me the picture I laughed so loud and hard, you know one of those BIGG belly laughs. She said it "fits great at the waist and the length but my hips are not in the correct place”, that the skirt was incredibly comfortable, she loved it but could I fix those wings on the side?!
No, it is not the pattern, the fault all lies with me! I was knitting this on my lunch breaks and didn’t keep the pattern in the knitting bag, I was "eye balling” it! I knew my eyes were changing - but OMG!

I have also been working on this fair isle dress and yes frogged it all back, my count was awful.
Not my knitting week- though I have enjoyed the process and am ready to start again.
 really need to pay more attention to the patterns….its the details!

One grand success, the a-line dress I made for Caitlin. She looks beautiful in it and it fits like a glove!
Not the best picture, my poor photo skills, trust me the dress and Caitlin fit each other like peas in a pod!

Been reading a lot lately:
by Anne Shayn
she wrote Mason-Dixon knitting as well.
Simple Ways to BE More with Less
Both books have been good summer reads.

Happy Yarn Along Day to you all.


steph said...

OMG....are you knitting the sweater from fair isle style??????? I have that on my forever need to knit list!!! (I was going to knit it for a trip to Scotland in the fall.....but since I don't even have the yarn for it, that probably isn't going to happen. Iceland is a distant dream, so maybe it will get knit for that trip someday!)

Caffeine Girl said...

I am speechless! I cannot tell you how impressed I am that you are knitting a fair isle dress. You rock!
Both of the books you mentioned look interesting. We are in the process of downsizing, so the second one is especially relevant!


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