Friday, June 26, 2015


oh, those girls are pretty amazing. on fathers day they came over and made their dad some of his favs- fish cakes, beets, salad and dilly bars for dessert. we ate on the porch, it was cooler there than in the house ( and yes we have central air but i have not turned it on yet). well eric was in hog heaven, he loves fish cakes and with an amazing tarter sauce from scratch…wow! then beets and salad with homemade dressing( my only contribution), only to be topped with dilly bars from dairy queen. oh yes those girls know how to put the lovin on their dad!

i’ve been under the weather this week, home from work last two days with an earache! i have never had an earache before, but this one knocked my socks off-the throbbing and pain to even touch my ear, mercy me!!! i’m on the mend now, feel as if i turned the corner late this afternoon. have been treating it mainly with garlic and mullein oil, it works with a lot of patience and rest! i did manage to roam in the front yard early this morning and took some pics with my i-phone as the sun was rising. 
i was thinking, that now,  daylight will start to get shorter-i prefer shorter sun light days and cooler. 
yes i am a cool weather gal!

since i have been laid up, i have been knitting …a lot. hopefully will get some pictures this weekend for the blog. 

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Angie said...

Hope the ear ache is a memory now and that you are back to enjoying your summer. Your flowers are gorgeous. I too am a cooler weather person so the heat we've been having forces me inside. Time to pull out some fabric and yarn. Hope the 'girl's are staying cool and out of mischief. :)


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