Wednesday, June 24, 2015


what a morning already, I have been up since 4am, not because I wanted a jump start on the day but because I have a whopper of an ear infection! I’m all swollen on right side of face, hearing in right ear immensely decreased and achy. so it will be off to the store for mullein/garlic oil this morning, then warm presses and apple cider rinses for the rest of the day.
I finished one sock this week, though not super happy with it. the sock fits but a wee bit too small. I started with 68 stitches, decreased down to 62 and still tight to get sock on. I guess I will start with 72 on next sock. I use to make them too big for me, now the opposite problem…ugh!
also started the pi shawl {elizabeth zimmermann} using the blue cakes pictured above. This is the last of the yarn from china!(tear). the pi shawl is an absolute delight to knit, easy no brainer summer knit. the best part, it will take several months to complete, no rush, great put down and pick up again whenever.
no pattern just multiply pi~ numbers.

joined summer camp 2015 over at beauty that moves.  love heather’s writing, not a big fan of summer, so thought maybe this 10 day course will help reframe my negative summer thinking!
Of course the gods have to throw in this bothersome earache to get me off to a wonderful comfortable start. (2nd ugh)!

reading several books at same time, but what I really want to read is my yearly summer book,
to kill a mockingbird. I read this every summer for the past 15 years for some reason. 

please join ginny for
and stop by 

ps: any ideas for a natural remendy for external ear infection?


momto5 said...

sorry about the ear. that stinks. :(
and the sock. socks are tricky that way sometimes.
love your knitting basket, i have one too!

Donna said...

I just love Heather's courses. I have been crazy busy lately so I knew I wouldn't be able to fully enjoy this one and skipped it. I'm so sorry about your ear. Those are so painful. Sending healing thoughts your way....

Cathy said...

I instinctively winced as I read about your ear infection, and I do hope it is better by now!
Oh, EZ's Pi shawl! That is a shawl that is on my bucket list to knit, now you have inspired me to move it closer to the top. Please be sure to share your progress.


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