Saturday, December 8, 2018


Trying to get outside daily for a walk with the littles, taking in the Christmas decorations around the neighborhood. Betty brought along her stuffed stretchy snake to show 'it' all the decorations. Two year old's and the conversations they hold with themselves, family, really anyone and no one makes me smile and love this girl to the moon and back. It was very cold this day, below freezing with a slight breeze, little Gus had to stay in buggy all wrapped up for he had no shoes on....Mimi! 

Gus turned one ! He started walking more but hasn't given up that crawl of his yet. He also decided being one now he has no need for naps! Ahhh....sorry Gus but you forgot to check that out with Mimi. Naps for EVERYONE DAILY! (I'm old and need my naps)

Betty decided she did like her yellow "Pete The Cat" sweater, she now is wearing it all day long, two days in a row. No figuring why, when or what a child will decide the outfit for the day. Take the sunglasses and binkie, both blue, but it was so cloudy outside that lights had to be turned on inside, she was not going to take off those sunglasses inside or outside....haha.

I have been spending a little time sewing rope baskets. This one, I put in a draw string bag for all the 'extras' that get thrown in. Draw the strings and one is less likely to loose all that loose much loved items. I'm kinda smitten with this basket.

Time to start thinking about Christmas, I'm going to have a full house! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


I remember when Ginny decided to bring YARN ALONG back, though only once a month, my thoughts were, 'once a month,' that's not nearly enough YARN ALONG time!'  It must be my age because I feel like I'm always behind with YA. I would have my post ready in the 'old days', now I feel good if I post on the YA day...huh!

I finished this Tiny Tea Leaves sweater for Betty two weeks ago. She was so excited for her new 'yeawow' Pete The Cat sweater (our name for the sweater), picking out the buttons, which was an entire morning experience. I put the buttons on and she has REFUSED to wear the sweater! No tricks or bribes will she don the sweater on her shoulders. So it sits- on the table where we all lay our eyes on it, daily! Two year olds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have since moved onto a sweater for Gus, Leaves or not. Both sweaters have been worked in Brown Sheep-Nature Spun, worsted weight. Yarns were bought at the Yarn show in Loveland Co. 
It's been getting colder with each passing week, and, I LOVE IT! It's hibernating time for me, time to knit morning, noon and night, with lots of reading, quilting and sewing going on as well. I wish my neighborhood looked more like this today!  Back to books, Voluntary Simplicity- love, love this book, so many things to ponder and to work on, not overwhelming though. 'Jacob's Ladder: A Story of Virginia During the War.' This book I found through the New York Times obit. story on the author, Donald McCaig. He was chosen to write books continuing the 'Gone With The Wind' story. Apparently, the Mitchel family was not very happy with book and sequel to Gone With Wind, "Scarlet" I read Scarlet and I did not enjoy it, the story had no depth what so ever.
Can you believe it, next time we all meet up it will be 2019!!
I'll stop now.

Please join me over at YARN ALONG
Love seeing what everyone is doing! 


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