Saturday, February 14, 2009

It is snowing here in the West. I love snow and cold. I was reading Farmers Almanac site and today Feb. 14th is the day crocuses generally will make their first appearance of the season. i will be on the look out for mine since eI planted about 30 bulbs last fall. Besides snow I do enjoy seeing the first signs of Spring. I actually love all the seasons just dislike the heat of summer.
things Love about Winter:

wrapping up in warm quilts that I made
drinking hot coffee
sewing in the sewing room
hand quilting quilts
knitting sweaters
watching snow fall
looking out at a white world
making stew
crawling into a clean bed with a big pillow top
fire place on

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Maddie and Squirrels

Hi, how time flies!! It is already Feb.11th. Not alot going on, I continue to try to have several no spend days a week. I manage at least 4-5 no spend days. One day last week I spent 5 dollars on Maddie, a toy that lasted less than 5minutes.

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Last week-end I was in the front yard and noticed a squirrel in the tree . That dang thing did not move the entire time I watched him, so either he was frozen to death( he is gone now, so I doubt that) or he was nervous that he was so exposed without the leaves on the tree that he was just not going to move till the sun went down

Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's February

It is February and I just wanted to update on my no spend days.....19/31. Not to bad, we were able to put a couple extra hundred in the savings account. So I guess having no spend days really does help. The areas we did the best in were, only Friday's for eating out, making meals from scratch and planning meals which meant planning shopping trips. That means using a shopping list and sticking to it, no impulse buying.

I finished a pair a socks that I started last year then missed placed and just recently found again. The wool is very soft and I love the color. Over all am pleased with how they turned out. Have done little sewing and need to finish my double diamond quilt and start the quilt for DD Chinese host family. Hope to be visiting her this year some time.


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