Monday, August 30, 2010


So you ask why a no drive day? Well for lots of reasons like it is good for the environment to drive less, and great for for my bank account not to go anywhere, ( it gives me an opportunity to be creative in the kitchen), it makes me slow down and enjoy the day, and I get to enjoy my sewing room all day if I choose to and I choose to today.

This is what I worked on all day today , 28 blocks, and yesterday 26 blocks. I just love to run fabric through a machine!

I finished this sweater for a friend at work. Love the color and the little lady bug buttons. I didn't put all the buttons on because I was concerned little "Ella" may pull them off and choke on one. I will leave it up to her Mama to decide.
These are a couple of friends we ran into in Thermopiles last week. Always amazes me how BIG these bison are up close.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Eric and I have been gone for over a week and I am loving all the down time to do things I love without feeling like" I should be doing something else".
Like reading mystery murder books by Emilie Richards

Knitting a sweater for someone near and dear to me.

Sewing long hours through the day when we not driving. Am finally making noticeable progress on this Christmas Quilt. Seeing this quilt hanging at Quilts in the Country in Bozeman gave me the encouragement to get busy and start sewing. What a wonderful shop and beautiful gardens.

Eric and I when we first met played a lot of Cribish and now after raising 3 children we are playing again.

I am teaching Saddie how the game is played. Wish I could add as fast as the dogs and as fast as the "ole dog" my husband. That man is just good with numbers. Good thing he has the job of balancing the bank statement.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We went for a drive a long drive and ended up in a beautiful part of the country, with rivers of course.

Lots of sky and burnt trees and new trees.

Thermal pools

Geysers and lots of grass

And Old Faithful exploding to the sky every hour or so. Beautiful!!!
Spent 7 days here fishing, knitting, sewing, walking and eating. WONDERFUL!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


My baby is 21 years old. We had a BBQ for her with friends and family. Here she is in all her maturity.

Her cake did not look impressive but was it ever tasty.

I love this kid. He makes me laugh!!!!!!
He has one of the best smiles I have ever seen.

Monday, August 9, 2010


I bought this quilt on E-Bay a long time ago for 12 dollars. It sat and sat in my sewing room then the light bulb went on, practice my machine quilting on this wild purchase. So I did and now this is one of my favorite quilts. It is so ugly it is beautiful!!!!!!!!!
Caitlin made this quilt before she left for China. I got it out and washed it for her return.
I love how simple this quilt is and she used her old clothes in the blocks. A true quilter!
Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


She arrived early and we were not standing at the railing screaming when she came up the stairs.

Instead the 3 of us ( Dad, Erin and myself) were sitting in chairs just talking away, myself knitting because I could hardly contain my excitement, when I looked up and screamed "there she is"! Scaring the men sitting next to us , then to all our amazement I leaped over these men to get to Caitlin. Oh it was grand, wonderful,wanted to replay it over and over again!!!!!

So we loaded her up and took her home at last!


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