Friday, March 30, 2012


 I finished quilting this scrap quilt and I am satisfied with the end result.

Perfect no......the day I make a perfect quilt is the day I am done quilting !
So when I get close to that " perfectly executed craftsmanship in the quilting world " I believe I will willfully throw in the curve ball stitch or something...maybe spill coffee on it and not remove the stain.
Or I could just have the quilt judged by those " judges that have been crowned into quilt perfection league", but then I would need therapy, real therapy!

So for now I am happy in my world of nilly willy.

It's fun to let go and choose fabric using my own technique of...
the first scrap that these baby blues fall on just won a spot in the quilt.
No second guessing, just looking at the chosen scrap and saying to self , " baby your in the game".

So this honey of a quilt has been placed on my charity pile. Hoping in the near future to bring a reasonable stack to the church.

The daffodils are here!
I love daffodils..

They are happy flowers,
a ray of sunshine !

They shout to me that spring is here,
enjoy the sunshine, longer days.
Not hot yet, just perfect !

Can you find the owl in the tree? 
Kinda a " Where's Waldo " 
I loved reading that book to my kids and trying to find Waldo,
we spent hours playing "Where's Waldo".

Well this Mama has a baby with her, lots of fluffy feathers on the ground.
I chuckled when I saw all the feathers thinking owls must be like human 2 year olds, giving Mom a run for her money.
A few things about this owl I have learned from my friend Julie:
Dad is sitting in the tree across the narrow road watching every move Mama makes and every move we make.
he comes over to " baby sit" so Mama can go get dinner.
Again a women's work is never done.
This family has been nesting in this exact tree for several years now.
[ the tree is marked for removal, it is dead ].
And most importantly.....if you play the "who is going to blink first" game with an owl...
the owl wins every time.
Apparently Julie likes to play this game with the owl and she [ the owl ] will not blink in a stare down.

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Happy Friday

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Happy Sunday to you all !
The weather here is warm, a little too warm for me in March.
It means I will be watering my flower bed today, the earliest I have ever done that.

I'm in between quilt projects at the moment and was down in the quilt room, which again somehow is a disaster.
Thinking I need to make some small quilts say large baby size to get through some of this fabric.

So I grab some fabric 
No method just the first thing that met my fancy.

Put it all together in a rather willy nilly fashion.
I love making quilts using a willy nilly method!
[It feels like I am running through a field of wild flowers in a mountain meadow].

The piecing goes very FAST!
Just grab and sew...willy nilly!
And I am already quilting this beauty.
I think I will do several of these, yes one each time I am in between a big quilt project, or when I just feel like sewing willy nilly. I will use them first to get through some scraps and second to practice my machine quilting.
Once they are done I will place them in a pile for Catholic Charities.
Yes, all this suits me very very well!
What are you doing with all of your scraps?

Friday, March 23, 2012


I enjoy making pillow cases !

They are fast and I can do as little or as much decorating as I choose.

No rules just go!

A little of this a little of that.
I can also use the pillow cases while I'm adding the "extra"
goodies, like a crochet border.

And I always remember my friend Cindy's famous advise...
"When in doubt add more"!
Uh hum..the rick rack is added.

So since I like, no am passionate of the color red I decided my body pillows were going to get a good dose of RED.
Now to get the quilt done to match the pillow cases.
This will take a little longer.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012


It's time to shake off the sleepy days!
Color is emerging from the earth.
So it's time for a new picture to open Little House Quilting!
Yes that is my garden
and I can't wait to see her again in full bloom!

I think I have found my new Fabric store!
I walk in and dream of all the possibilities,
I also let other people do the dreaming for me
and I nod my head and put the credit card down.
Since they carry my goods to the car I return when I need a look at more colors
and more possibilities!

One idea was to fill a bird feeder with all the scraps of threads and yarn pieces.
This then will bring Mama birds to the feeder.
They use all these scraps to FLUFF their nests.

I also purchased succulent bird feeders for the yard.

These feeder will go on tall poles 
and yes the birds will nest in these beauties.
The best part of these feeders: they are low maintenance...WaaHoo

The crocuses are blooming.
I sit on the porch and watch the earth spring forward with 
her colors.

And yes my favorite 
It is Clothes Line time.
Nothing more relaxing to me than hanging clothes on the line

Or more enjoyable then crawling into sun drenched sheets.
It can only lift a women's spirits
and help her sleep knowing all is well in her small world.

So where is my new fabric Store?
you see I have enough fabric to last my life time and my girls life times 
but you can never have enough color in your garden, right?

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I've been down on the couch again.
The leg just does't want to corporate 
So I get to see the sun rise and caught this nifty picture of the sunrising in my house

I also managed to get to the porch for some coffee , banana bread and some knitting!
I made this banana bread in the crock pot. I did not care for the texture of the bread so will be returning to the known way------the oven!
Oh yes, and more BBC movies! 
BBC movies have saved me in this recovery period, later I will post the list of all the BBC films I have watched.

Friday, March 9, 2012


I have three very beautiful nieces that live a long ways away from me.

They are my youngest nieces and I have not seen them in a long time.

I like to sew their names on the front of the quilt.
This avoids any confusion as to who's quilt is who's.
I know, I use to have small children.

{ The front of this quilt was a block I saw somewhere on blogland } .
And since I have made all family members a quilt all their own.

I need to get the quilts done for the girls.

The back is something I made up on my ironing board.

The back also has to use up some scraps.
No new matching fabric is allowed.

I love these cute little owls.
{Next week I will show you some pictures of a real Mama owl that is sitting on her eggs}.
I know Teegan will enjoy her quilt.
Now only one more to complete.....I have a good start on it :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I am making soap with Tara today, something I have been waiting to do since last fall.
So exciting, Tara can make some mean soap and add all sorts of goodness to them.
More on that in the next post.
But today's post is mishmash,[ not sure if that is a real word].

These puppies crack me up ! 
I started using a heating pad on my back and legs after surgery
And they decided the pad; all warm and toasty was really meant for them.

At first they would lay all day on top of the pad.
Now they think getting into the cover of the pad is much more cozy
The nose belongs to Sam and the foot is Sadie :)

And a little teaser----My Owl Quilt is done!
Yes all quilted and binding on!
I tried to photo it yesterday but the wind kept blowing it off the tree, truck and fence.
I finally gave up !
So more on this FUN quilt on Friday with BIG pictures.
Get cozy today, a front is on the way and it is going to snow again!
[or so they say].

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Weather in Colorado changes so fast new comers often feel they are in crazy land.
I know I did when I first stepped of that bus 35 years ago.
{Oh my that 35 years ago makes me feel so old}.
Yet I remember it like it was yesterday.

My Mother-in Law was a weather watcher and I remember thinking "why".

She knew more facts concerning weather, I became intrigued.
Now I am a " sky watcher"!
I love to watch storms clouds build up behind the mountains.
Spring time is the best for weather watching.
Don't get me wrong, I do not like being in really bad weather,
I just like watching the sky change.
It is beautiful,
and humbling.
God's making!

I pull over on roads to get pictures of the amazing changing sky.
Sometimes pulling off the roads is tricky.
Though I eventually find a safe place and jump out of the truck to get a photo shot of the Colorado Sky!
What is your favorite photo shots?

One more crazy picture.

Friday, March 2, 2012


It is DONE
And I Love this blanket.

The vintage blanket is from Cottage 1945,
and was the perfect winter project.
The colors made my heart skip beats!
I had a smile on my face every time I sat down to hook a row.

The border pattern is from 

A three row border with the finial row 
being a beautiful scallop design.
I love the RED
and using red as the "frame" on the blanket
just makes the afghan POP

The colors I would never have chosen on my own.
Teals, and 3 different pinks are just not me---
or so I thought.

These vintage colors are now so....

My Vintage Afghan is being displayed at 
Go on over or call 
and start working on a vintage afghan for yourself!
Your heart will be leaping into Spring !

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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Yesterday, was a food kinda day.
The berries at the market are so GOOD
it seems that is all I want to eat.
{Their is a little cereal under all that fruit}.

I also worked on the backing to a quit for my niece.
This was  pure joy to put together!
I went to the sewing room
got out some scraps and started playing. 
No pattern
just an idea in my head
I love it!
Owls are all the rage in the knitting world.
I didn't want to knit one.
So I used scrap fabric to make my owls!

Lately I am having cravings for lemon anything.
I found this cake in this month's Southern Living.
It is an Orange-Lemon sponge cake.

And "Oh my goodness" it is a slice of heaven.
I wish I could share with you.
I need to get it out of the house 
as I will eat it all if the cake stays with me too long.
Good thing I am walking 2-3 miles a day.
But still seriously this cake must be shared.
Maybe Caitlin will come home for lunch and take it to work.
Yes that would work nicely.


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