Sunday, March 25, 2012


Happy Sunday to you all !
The weather here is warm, a little too warm for me in March.
It means I will be watering my flower bed today, the earliest I have ever done that.

I'm in between quilt projects at the moment and was down in the quilt room, which again somehow is a disaster.
Thinking I need to make some small quilts say large baby size to get through some of this fabric.

So I grab some fabric 
No method just the first thing that met my fancy.

Put it all together in a rather willy nilly fashion.
I love making quilts using a willy nilly method!
[It feels like I am running through a field of wild flowers in a mountain meadow].

The piecing goes very FAST!
Just grab and sew...willy nilly!
And I am already quilting this beauty.
I think I will do several of these, yes one each time I am in between a big quilt project, or when I just feel like sewing willy nilly. I will use them first to get through some scraps and second to practice my machine quilting.
Once they are done I will place them in a pile for Catholic Charities.
Yes, all this suits me very very well!
What are you doing with all of your scraps?


Julie said...

Adding them to piles! Beautiful baby quilt!

Kyle said...

My scraps tend to go in a pile too. I love your willy nilly idea.

Alica said...

I just went through my fabric cupboard...which is kinda silly for me to have, since I hardly ever sew...but I saved a few versatile pieces. You know...what I might need for mending (ha) or a small project...and gave the rest to a lady at Church who makes comforters for Mennonite Central Committee. Now I can shut the cupboard door again! :) I like your willy nilly project!

Bonnie said...

What a beautiful "willy nilly" project. Doesn't seem willy nilly at all. It's wonderful to me. I am using my larger scraps for my rug braiding right now but having just finished that massive rug, I am ready for something "willy nilly" myself.


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