Thursday, March 15, 2012


I've been down on the couch again.
The leg just does't want to corporate 
So I get to see the sun rise and caught this nifty picture of the sunrising in my house

I also managed to get to the porch for some coffee , banana bread and some knitting!
I made this banana bread in the crock pot. I did not care for the texture of the bread so will be returning to the known way------the oven!
Oh yes, and more BBC movies! 
BBC movies have saved me in this recovery period, later I will post the list of all the BBC films I have watched.


Julie said...

LOVE the chair and shadow picture.

Bonnie said...

Eileen, What are you knitting with that cheery, squishy pink yarn?
So sorry to hear that you are still having trouble. I hope things pick up soon.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Hope you feel better, soon!

Wished I could join you with your yummies and visit with you on your patio!

Love the morning picture you captured!

:-) Carolyn

Kyle said...

Keep you're spirits up. It's a wonderful week to be out on the patio.

Angie said...

Beautiful shadow photo, Eileen, and I wish I were there on your patio with you. Just relax and enjoy!


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