Sunday, March 18, 2012


It's time to shake off the sleepy days!
Color is emerging from the earth.
So it's time for a new picture to open Little House Quilting!
Yes that is my garden
and I can't wait to see her again in full bloom!

I think I have found my new Fabric store!
I walk in and dream of all the possibilities,
I also let other people do the dreaming for me
and I nod my head and put the credit card down.
Since they carry my goods to the car I return when I need a look at more colors
and more possibilities!

One idea was to fill a bird feeder with all the scraps of threads and yarn pieces.
This then will bring Mama birds to the feeder.
They use all these scraps to FLUFF their nests.

I also purchased succulent bird feeders for the yard.

These feeder will go on tall poles 
and yes the birds will nest in these beauties.
The best part of these feeders: they are low maintenance...WaaHoo

The crocuses are blooming.
I sit on the porch and watch the earth spring forward with 
her colors.

And yes my favorite 
It is Clothes Line time.
Nothing more relaxing to me than hanging clothes on the line

Or more enjoyable then crawling into sun drenched sheets.
It can only lift a women's spirits
and help her sleep knowing all is well in her small world.

So where is my new fabric Store?
you see I have enough fabric to last my life time and my girls life times 
but you can never have enough color in your garden, right?


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Wonderful post!

We have worked in the yard cleaning up the flower beds for 2 days the weather has been lovely, hopefully we will start seeing flowers soon!

:-) Carolyn

Alica said...

Your garden is beautiful! I'm sure you're ready for some more colors, after all that snow! :) Me too...we only looked at brown here, not even any WHITE this winter!

Bonnie said...

Your garden is beautiful Eileen.
Can't wait to see it in full bloom this summer.

I subscribe to the notion that one can never have enough fabric.

Kyle said...

You had me wondering about the new fabric store. It won't be long before all that color is back in your flower bed. I love Gulleys too. It sounds like you are feeling better.

Amanda ~ A Crafty Fox said...

I love clean, sun dried sheets, too! Absolutely my favorite thing! I can't wait for spring to join us so I can go back to drying out of doors :)


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