Friday, February 22, 2013


i woke up this morning very early feeling tired and dull. 
i decided to watch a movie..
out of africa 
was on 
and i did some hand sewing.
the red work was relaxing but out of africa 
was really depressing.
if not for the beautiful clothes and hats on the show i would of thrown my head in a towel and cried the morning away.
and no not because denise dies in the end
but because denise was such a selfish man.....
all about him.
i loved karen !
she was strong
a survivor!
she just had stinky men in her life.

well i couldn't stay in this grey mood so i went and finished a quilt top...yeah!
and did a 45 minute work out on the treadmill.
it worked--now i'm too tired to be even in a grey mood.
i think i will knit the afternoon away now...

Thursday, February 21, 2013


have you ever wasted a day reading.
not that reading is wasted time but i did maybe 2-3 things that had to be done then i read all day long.
and what a wonderful book it was..
The Snow Child.
the book has been going around knitting blogs for a couple of months now and i could no longer ignore the wonderful reviews.
off to the library and there it was
into my bag and home with me.
i let it sit on the night stand for about a week then read a chapter, then two.
i was hooked and spent all of wednesday finishing this wonderful story.
if you are looking for a fantastic read
The Snow Child will not disappoint .
a wonderful read
a story not soon forgotten.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


ah wednesday....
and it is yarn along day.
i'm linking up with ginny over at small things
to share what i am knitting and what i am reading.
and some of the best books i have read over the past year i found on wednesday yarn along.

i took up knitting these socks as a little diversion from my HUGE knitting project
leaves of grass with girls in sheep clothing KAL.
i made these socks in about 10 days...
a record for me !
i can always get the first sock done rather quickly but then i realize i have to make one for the other foot and that is when the UFO syndrome starts for me.
my pretty blues fit well
however i will make these a little longer next time.
- cascade sock yarn
- size 0 needles

reading the snow child
a great read for the winter
and a substantial snow storm is headed my way tonight and tomorrow!
so i'm buttoning down the hatches
getting the fire place glowing
coffee on
and movies
ready for a cozy day.

what are you knitting and reading

Sunday, February 17, 2013


a day to do a lot of nothing.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


seems this guy here feels that if it is in my yard....
" what is mine is his" as well. 
and what is for the birds means....
it is his as well also.

i had hung fat carrots with peanut butter and bird seed on the outer limbs of the tree,  branches to thin to hold mr. lard butt.
he got them ! 

then i hung carrots laced in bird seed from the over hangs of the deck.
i put them on S hangers so they would be to far for mr. lard butt to climb, jump, or hold a gun to his children to go and walk the plank.

he got them and took the $5 S hooks to boot !

so now the birds are hungry
mr. lard butt is getting....
well even a bigger lard butt!
i'm surprised he can jump and move as he can.
he is FAT !
he is going to need my treadmill here in a day or two.
and i am denied the late winter bird watching season from my kitchen table.

mr. lard butt, why can't you share?

Sunday, February 10, 2013


it's sunday and a day after a small snow storm came through northern colorado.
it is cold, cold and between yesterday and today being cold and windy we hunkered down in the house.
i knitting and watching ken burns world war II documentary.
starting chart E on my leaves of grass...
oh joy.
continue to be smitten with this knit.

finished the first sock and casted on for the second.
the first one fits like a glove or as a sock should.

oh and i am so close to finishing this sweater !
but the other two knits keep calling me and i set the sweater aside.

i wanted to sew this weekend and i did...
a little, very little !
knitting keeps calling me to the chair
and netflix !
watching my phone for any texts from daughter #2 who has found herself this past weekend in new york and in the center of 
nemo, the nor'easter that barreled up the eastern sea board.
even in the mist of a storm she was able to get herself 
a true new yorker ruben sandwich.

how has your weekend been?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


because that means 
yarn along !
i have been a knitting nut lately
but only going to show my socks that i started late monday afternoon while watching 
"house of cards".
[scary show about washington and politics].
yesterday i turned the heel and so far all is well in the sizing of the sock.

the book
well it is my reference book from bolts to nuts and back again.
sometimes i like to just page through it...
i often find how far off the mark i am in the world of etiquette.

linking up with yarn along


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