Wednesday, February 20, 2013


ah wednesday....
and it is yarn along day.
i'm linking up with ginny over at small things
to share what i am knitting and what i am reading.
and some of the best books i have read over the past year i found on wednesday yarn along.

i took up knitting these socks as a little diversion from my HUGE knitting project
leaves of grass with girls in sheep clothing KAL.
i made these socks in about 10 days...
a record for me !
i can always get the first sock done rather quickly but then i realize i have to make one for the other foot and that is when the UFO syndrome starts for me.
my pretty blues fit well
however i will make these a little longer next time.
- cascade sock yarn
- size 0 needles

reading the snow child
a great read for the winter
and a substantial snow storm is headed my way tonight and tomorrow!
so i'm buttoning down the hatches
getting the fire place glowing
coffee on
and movies
ready for a cozy day.

what are you knitting and reading


Alica said...

The socks look warm and cozy! This is what Jenna would like to learn to make some day.

steph said...

love the color of those socks!!! (isn't snow child a delightful little read???) I think i'm ready for a knitting challenge.....but leaves of grass??!! it will be beautiful when it's done! might have to think about that one!

KC Pagano said...

What lovely socks! Such a cheery blue too!

Lydia said...

Those socks look so warm! I love the color too!

Knitters Notebook said...

I love the socks they look so warm!!

Bonnie said...

Hi Eileen. Love, love, love your blue socks. I am reading another Sandra Dallas book (love her) and knitting on another (no big surprise) pair of socks. Love them too.

house full of jays said...

I keep hoping for a snowstorm here! But it's only old crusty snow for us.
Those are lovely socks! I've been scared of sock knitting...haha, but I've also been scared of the gorgeous leaves of grass pattern, too. :)

karen said...

I do love that book, it was a soothing read. love the socks and I love how you cranked them out!! there must of been sparks flying off the needles.

Emily said...

I totally get second-sock-syndrome too! Love the color of your socks!

Anke said...

The socks look great! I do love knitting them, always seems like instant gratification - compared to a bigger knitting project anyway. :-)

Sara said...

your socks look great! I absolutely love the color.

Anonymous said...

Nice socks! I hope you enjoy your cozy day - sounds really nice, even if you have to put up with the snow :)

Lori ann said...

your socks are so pretty eileen, love the blue! and thank you for telling me how much you loved the snow child, i think i shall have to read it every winter from now on, it is such a favorite!

Lynn said...

Ten Days on size 0 - you are amazing!!!!!


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