Tuesday, February 12, 2013


seems this guy here feels that if it is in my yard....
" what is mine is his" as well. 
and what is for the birds means....
it is his as well also.

i had hung fat carrots with peanut butter and bird seed on the outer limbs of the tree,  branches to thin to hold mr. lard butt.
he got them ! 

then i hung carrots laced in bird seed from the over hangs of the deck.
i put them on S hangers so they would be to far for mr. lard butt to climb, jump, or hold a gun to his children to go and walk the plank.

he got them and took the $5 S hooks to boot !

so now the birds are hungry
mr. lard butt is getting....
well even a bigger lard butt!
i'm surprised he can jump and move as he can.
he is FAT !
he is going to need my treadmill here in a day or two.
and i am denied the late winter bird watching season from my kitchen table.

mr. lard butt, why can't you share?


Kyle said...

Love his name!

karen said...

Well maybe you've become a squirrel feeder instead of a bird feeder. You got some amazing photos of your criminal though :)

Terrie Sandelin said...

What a cutie! I had a professor who really fought the squirrels taking the bird food. He got some special feeder that was meant to be squirrel proof -- I think part of it peeled down as the squirrel scampered up so the squirrel could never actually get there. Is that mean?

Anonymous said...

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